The Organisation Studies group conducts research at the individual, organisational, industry and field level.

Our research sites are diverse and include professional service firms, multinational corporations, healthcare, and hybrid, mission-driven organisations. Within these contexts, we have explored a wide range of change and other core organising processes, including:

  • professionals’ career transitions
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • socio-technical disruption
  • strategic alignment
  • implementation in health care.

We are committed to exploring leadership and its challenges, such as: navigating competing expectations and goals, mental health in leadership roles and the distinctive obstacles and opportunities for women in leadership. Several of our members study the emotional aspects of work, and processes of individual and organisational resilience and growth. 




Core faculty

Members of the group have strong links to the Professional Service Firms research area, while others are heavily involved in research projects in the healthcare sector and cultural industries.

Extended research community

The following members of the Oxford Saïd community support the area through participation in research projects or dissemination of teaching and research content.


Associate scholars