Our community

For over eight centuries, leaders from across the world, and from all spheres, have come to Oxford to study, to intellectually recharge, and to engage in important discussions. The remarkable community at the School continues this tradition.

Our community of academics, students, alumni, staff and friends is truly global and has representatives from all over the world and from different sectors. This makes the character of our community unique, with no single viewpoint or geography being dominant.

We are a diverse and global community of academics, researchers, students, entrepreneurs, executives and alumni, working together to help to transform the global business landscape.

Our faculty

Tim Jenkinson

Drawn from around the world, our faculty produce outstanding and important research, both individually and as part of collaborative teams.

Our faculty’s work is influential, leading to changes in both business practice and public policy. We have expertise in all major areas, including finance, strategy, leadership, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, social innovation and entrepreneurship, business purpose, the management of large-scale infrastructure programmes and much more. 

Our 80+ faculty members bring diverse disciplinary backgrounds and cultural understandings to our classrooms. A combination of academic and management oriented faculty complement one another to advance the thinking of young and experienced leaders.

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Our students

MBAT winners

Our students are exceptionally talented and come from across the globe to study at Oxford.

At Oxford Saïd, everyone is a minority, with no nationality dominating in almost all of our programmes. Our students are excellent on all dimensions, from the classroom and beyond. They have many opportunities to compete against other schools in a range of fields including academic and sporting – and have demonstrated their sportsmanship and Oxford spirit. For example, our MBAs won the prestigious MBAT tournament for four years running. 

We work hard and play hard, but act with respect and grace.

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Our alumni

As an Oxonian for life, School degree programme alumni also become members of the wider Oxford alumni community of more than 300,000.

We develop people who can analyse complex problems, devise pragmatic solutions and implement them working as part of a team. This makes our alumni some of the most effective employees and leaders for the world’s foremost organisations.

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Our global community

We encourage an open and multidisciplinary approach. First and foremost, we seek to forge the closest connections with our counterparts throughout the University of Oxford, including through our degree programmes, joint research, the Entrepreneurship Centre, the Seed Fund and more.

We also have strong links to business through our work in Executive Education, our research, our support of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses programme, as well as through student internships and projects. We connect with other academic institutions through our membership in the Global Network for Advanced Management, as well as through jointly offered programmes with schools including Harvard Business School, Guanghua School of Business at Peking University, HEC and others.

Africa and Oxford Saïd

OBFA attendees

We advocate for greater levels of investment into talent from across Africa.

We have made a pledge to continue to invest in Africa and support the next generation of African leaders. We understand the impact that the youth can have in driving the opportunities in Africa and we advocate for companies both in Africa and abroad to recognise the value of investing in job-creating industries in Africa. Our aim is to support young, inspiring Africans looking to leave their mark on the continent.

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Future of Business podcast

Future of Business podcast

This podcast takes you behind the walls of Saïd Business School.

Run by a team of MBA students, each episode aims to tackle the next generation of problems facing the world – and the business opportunities they represent.

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Engaging with the humanities

Pegram Harrison

Changing the way leaders think and act.

Engaging with the Humanities comprises collaborative research projects, teaching at MBA and executive levels, and a variety of public events that draw on the long and rich history of the Humanities at the University of Oxford.

It enables students, executives, staff, faculty, and members of the public and the wider university to gain new insights in every area of business, foster an entrepreneurial approach in arts and cultural organisations, and respond to urgent social forces throughout the world.

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Recent events in Israel, Gaza and the Middle East

The impact of the appalling attacks by Hamas, and the deep concerns for the civilian Palestinian population and hostages in Gaza itself are understandably being felt by communities across the world, including in our own. Our thoughts are with all those suffering. A dedicated webpage has now been published on the University's website. We have reached out to our alumni community, our students and colleagues at the School directly, to express our concern and, where appropriate, offer our support. Targeted emails have also been sent to University staff and students who are registered as Israeli, Palestinian or from the four countries bordering the area – providing welfare support and advice. We continue to monitor the situation and will respond, as appropriate.