Oxford Executive Diploma in Global Business

Connecting leaders to make a global impact

Start date:


  • One year

Time commitment:

  • Part time


  • Oxford


  • £33,900

About the programme

Are you ready to respond resiliently to today's volatile business environment?

Today’s global business environment is challenging, with geopolitical instability, climate change, and wide-ranging post-pandemic concerns that know no national borders. Global leaders face mounting pressures to respond decisively to juxtaposed issues, from ensuring business certainty against a backdrop of market uncertainty, to creating cohesion across contrasting cultures and balancing profitability with sustainability. Failure to act effectively could mean an immediate loss in value, credibility, and market share on the world stage. 

The Oxford Executive Diploma in Global Business connects experienced professionals around the world to share and develop the best practice needed to proactively face global challenges head-on and to successfully navigate complex international business contexts.

Built on the academic rigour of a specialised Oxford master’s-level qualification, this interactive postgraduate diploma programme consists of four modules taught in person in Oxford over one year:

  1. Global strategy
  2. Risk and reputation
  3. Corporate diplomacy in a global context
  4. The challenges of business in emerging markets

Upon successfully completing this Executive Diploma, you will have developed an in-depth perspective on world issues, advanced knowledge of global markets and a sharpened set of practical tools to immediately apply your learnings in your own organisation.

Globalisation has fundamentally changed the way business works. The Diploma in Global Business will hone your capabilities, leadership qualities and practical skills to operate effectively in this semi-globalised world.

Mari Sako

Academic Director and Professor Management Studies

You and your class


You and your peers will be ambitious professionals, experienced corporate diplomats, policymakers, C-suite executives and entrepreneurs who are looking to: 

  • Deepen their knowledge and develop the professional tools to accelerate their global careers 
  • Advance their corporate diplomacy capabilities to operate across multiple and contrasting cultures 
  • Acquire specialist international business knowledge to bridge the gap between public and private sectors 
  • Develop the skills and practical frameworks to successfully steer and sustain global growth plans 
  • Launch and rapidly scale a start-up or venture worldwide

Class profile (2022-24)

Join a world-class community of aspiring leaders making an impact across private and public sectors.


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Employment sectors


Female students

If you’re looking for something practical that you can get a real, tangible benefit from, even if you’re in the public sector like me, then this programme is for you.

George Barbosa da Silva

Senior Legal Advisor, Cabinet of the Minister of the Presidency, Timor-Leste


Build your case

To you

  • Accredited, master’s-level University of Oxford qualification
  • Connect with global leaders and elevate your impact 
  • Advance your knowledge of global markets
  • Study part-time and immediately apply your learnings 
  • Learn from world-leading faculty 
  • Expand your global professional network 
  • Access the latest research and insights
  • Become a resilient leader
  • Enjoy exclusive Oxford benefits (see below) 

To your organisation

  • Retain and nurture top talent to support organisational development and succession planning 
  • Benefit from participant diversity that encourages thinking beyond the bounds of individual organisations, geographies and sectors 
  • Gain practical solutions to address challenges through the findings of your Final Integrative Assignment (FIA) 

Oxford experience


As an Executive Diploma participant, you will benefit from a variety of unique Oxford experiences.

These include: 

  • Programme dinners with your cohort at historic Oxford colleges 
  • An Oxford Union-style debate 
  • Executive Insights sessions to enrich your learning
  • Executive Impact workshops to help you elevate your presence
  • Social events such as punting, college visits and walking tours 
  • Associate Oxford college membership 
  • Membership of the prestigious University of Oxford alumni network and Oxford Business Alumni (OBA) Network, upon successful completion of the programme 
  • A traditional Oxford end-of-course celebration event with family and friends 

Student stories and news

Top news

Discover what the Diploma in Global Business is really like in the words of our students.

Meet the faculty

Oxford Saïd’s outstanding faculty bring access to cutting-edge research, a wealth of industry experience and the ability to present complex concepts and lead high-level executive debate.

The diploma has given me a completely different perspective and approach for the better. I am able to incorporate all my learnings into scaling my venture – something I might never have thought of or approached in this way had I not been to Oxford.

Rhana Kurdi

Chief Executive Officer and Military Veteran, SkyDrops

A pathway to Oxford's Executive MBA

A route towards the Oxford Executive MBA.

Whilst the Diploma in Global Business is a stand-alone postgraduate qualification, the programme also offers a route towards the Oxford Executive MBA. Should diploma participants choose to pursue the Executive MBA, and gain a place on the programme, they will receive exemptions from four module assessments, as well as a fee reduction. Attendance will be required at all modules, regardless of assessment exemption.

How to apply

More information

This programme is designed for experienced professionals with at least five or more years' work experience.

This accredited global business diploma is designed for experienced executives, typically with an upper-second class undergraduate degree or equivalent at a minimum, and at least five years’ relevant work experience.

There are 40 places available in our 2025 cohort. The programme received an average of 58 applications per year for entry in 2020-22.

Scholarships and funding


We are pleased to offer a variety of prestigious awards to recognise outstanding talent across our diploma community.


Total programme fee for both home and overseas participants is £33,900.

The fee covers tuition costs, course materials, essential reading texts, assessments and associate college membership. Lunch and refreshments are provided daily, and there is a special evening dinner with your cohort during each module.

Accommodation is not included in the fee. You should make arrangements to stay in Oxford during the modules.