Research strategy


As a world-class business school embedded in one of the world’s greatest and oldest universities, research is at the very heart of our work at Oxford Saïd.

This is the first-ever research strategy for Saïd Business School. It is based on consultation with members of our research community, the School’s leadership and the School Board.

Our strategy outlines:

  • Our research mission, celebrating our existing strengths
  • How we will continue to move forward by identifying priority development areas for the future
  • The investments we intend to make to ensure that Saïd Business School is one of the best places for academic business research in the world.

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Priority development areas

At present, the School considers at least the following areas to be areas of priority development from a research standpoint:


Accountability of and trust in business and institutions


Emerging technologies, AI, algorithms, data science and machine learning


Issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic


Sustainable development


Societal, business and leadership challenges that arise from macro factors


Leadership, operations, and patient and data management in healthcare

As we look towards an increasingly complex future, we strive to work together to solve some of the most important issues facing business and society.

Andrew Stephen

Deputy Dean for Faculty & Research

Our research community

Through research, our scholarly community identifies the most important challenges facing the world that pertain to business practice and proposes innovative, evidence-based ways to tackle them.