About us

We support Saïd Business School students and the wider University community to develop their entrepreneurial potential to tackle world-scale problems.

We play a central role within the vibrant Oxford ecosystem, contributing to global innovation and wealth creation by equipping students with the skills and mindset needed in the modern entrepreneurial economy.

Our variety of programmes, world-class events, inspiring workshops, and fireside chats with thought leaders offer experiential learning and networking opportunities for students and beyond.


Our range of programmes offer experiential learning opportunities and skills development for MBA students, with a primary focus on entrepreneurship and innovation.

We also offer these programmes to the wider University of Oxford community.



Learn entrepreneurship 24/7.

Includes easy-to-consume, on-demand content that helps aspiring student entrepreneurs start, grow and scale their own high-growth startups and in-demand skills. All curated content - overseen by our faculty - is bespoke and created by world-leading entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders and academics alongside people from the military, sports and the arts.

The oNetwork


We strive to be a transformative partner to our students and alumni by promoting entrepreneurial values and thinking.

We invest not only our time and expertise, but also our connections to accelerate the entrepreneurial initiatives arising in the Oxford ecosystem. The members of the oNetwork are a curated group of highly experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders and reflect the high-quality of our community. By engaging them in our programmes and initiatives, we deliver on our promise to support all our students and alumni in pursuing their entrepreneurial ambitions.


Our flagship entrepreneurial event brings together masters of entrepreneurship and innovation to share their experiences.


Keep up to date with our latest news and entrepreneurial alumni stories.


Entrepreneurship Centre leadership and team members.


If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us at entrepreneurship@sbs.ox.ac.uk.