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US students face recruitment challenges after Gaza protests

Associate Fellow, Megan Reitz, comments on the intergenerational tension over workplace priorities and culture.

Megan Reitz | Financial Times | 03-06-2024

Why are America's youth so deeply unhappy?

Professor of Economics and Behavioural Science, and Director of Oxford's Wellbeing Research Centre, Jan Emmanuel de Neve, shares why the US has dropped out of the top 20 to land 23rd in the 2024 World Happiness Report list.

Jan Emmanuel De Neve | USA Today | 03-06-2024

Abu Dhabi Royal Family Office reveals how it tapped institutional capital

Senior Research Fellow Bridget Kustin comments on the problem with sovereign funds, the scarcity of information about family offices, and their investment interests.

Bridget Kustin | Asian Investor | 11-06-2024

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IOC takes the lead for the Olympic movement and launches Olympic AI agenda
Soumitra Dutta | International Olympics Committee  | April 2024

Could ketamine be the next fix for workplace depression?
Sally Maitlis | Financial Times | May 2024

The CEO's cyber resilience playbook
Michael Smets | MIT Sloane Review | May 2024

The future of tech and leadership: insights from Oxford
Soumitra Dutta | Forbes | April 2024

Improving female inclusion in business education
Amy Major | QS Global Education News  | April 2024

Aligning organisational ecosystems to be fit for purpose
Jonathan Trevor | European Business Review | April 2024

Ranked: the 20 happiest countries in the world in 2024
Jan-Emmanuel de Neve | Forbes | March 2024

The perils of speaking up at work too often deter staff from voicing concerns
Megan Reitz | Financial Times | March 2024

World Economic Forum Podcast
Rachel Botsman | Davos Radio | March 2024

Dean Soumitra Dutta of Saïd Business School at Oxford University
Soumitra Dutta | iHeart Radio | February 2024

The uniqueness of an Oxbridge MBA
Amy Major | Poets and Quants | February 2024

Donald Trump might need to sell assets to cover legal costs
Alex Connock | Newsweek | February 2024

How Ludovic Phalippou became the bête noire of private equity
Ludovic Phalippou | Institutional Investor | January 2024

Proposals for fixing the crisis in modern capitalism
Colin Mayer | Forbes | January 2024

IESGA fellow award ceremony: distinguished scholars honoured at 6th global conference on sustainability and management
Amir Adel-Zadeh | ScienMag | January 2024

Blackstone, Oaktree burned by Morgan Stanley's block-trade leads
Renee Adams | Financial Post | January 2024

The unexpected ways a big raise affects your happiness
Jan-Emmanuel de Neve | The Wall Street Journal | January 2024

OpenAI is gearing up for a fight with the New York Times: a loss could mean devastation for the industry
Alex Connock | Yahoo Tech! | January 2024

The allure of pursuing an MBA in Europe
Amy Major | FIND MBA | December 2023

Using AI to talk to the dead
Alex Connock | The New York Times | December 2023

How will professional services handle the 'Great Stagnation'?
Tim Morris | Financial Times | December 2023

AI and Ethics: the defining point of content creation
Alex Connock | IBC 365 | November 2023

How AI fits into lean six sigma
Matthias Holweg | Harvard Business Review | November 2023

Europe dominates this year's global Network Readiness Index - but US is top
Soumitra Dutta | Tech Digest | November 2023 

Shrinkflation - the dastardly way retailers get you to pay more for less
Cammy Crolic | 2 Oceans Vibe | October 2023

Can private equity meet public responsibilities?
Robert Eccles | Financial Times | October 2023

Falling employer backing for executive MBAs drives self-funding
Kathy Harvey |  Financial Times | October 2023

German sandal maker Birkenstock heads to US stock market
Allyson Stewart-Allen | DW | August 2023

AI isn't going to replace human touch any time soon
Alex Connock | Broadcast Now | August 2023

We need to help create a future we cannot predict
Soumitra Dutta | The Smart City Journal | August 2023

Change fiduciary laws to end ESG battle in US 
Robert Eccles | Board Agenda | May 2023

ADGM Academy Research Centre launches its Advisory Board 
Soumitra Dutta | ADGM Academy | May 2023

Is choice a blessing or a curse for active fund returns?
Tim Jenkinson | The Evidence-based Investor | May 2023

SolarWinds sunburst attack: lessons on dealing with a cyberattack 
Michael Smets | The Cyber Security Club | May 2023 

In defence of boozy workplaces 
Oxford Saïd Study | Spiked | May 2023 

Plastics are in our air, food, and water. A reckoning is coming–and smart businesses can see it 
Paul Polman | Fortune | May 2023

China edges toward top 10 most innovative economies as East Asia dominates in sci-tech
Mevlut Katik | The Yuan | November 2022

Systems change (making)
David Russel | FE News | November 2022

Sustainability assurance as greenwashing
Kazbi Soonawalla | Stanford Social Innovation Review | November 2022

For women at the leading B-Schools, 2022 was another year of progress
Poets and Quants | November 2022

Big brother is watching you: ALEC’s doublethink attack on America’s free markets
Robert Eccles | Forbes | November 2022

In a new age of austerity, what hope for FE?
David Russel | FE News | November 2022

From 'who cares wins' to pernicious progressivism: 18 years of ESG
Robert Eccles | Forbes | November 2022

From businessman to business activist: A conversation with Ben Tolhurst of Business Declares
Robert Eccles | Forbes | November 2022

ESG has a problem when it comes to EMs 
Robert Eccles | EuroMoney | November 2022

What happened to Rishi Sunak’s £30bn surplus?
Michael Deveux  | Reaction | November 2022

Virgin Atlantic job applications soar after gendered uniforms axed
HR Grapevine | November 2022

What does the United States have in common with Haiti, Myanmar, South Sudan, and Yemen?
Robert Eccles | Forbes | November 2022

Why Oxford has become Europe’s leader in MBA gender equality
Poets and Quants | October 2022

Diversity: dividends and challenges in workplace health – Bupa
Caroline Williams | Health & Protection | October 2022

Musk wants Twitter devoted to 'total free speech' 
Allyson Stewart-Allen | DW | October 2022

Why is technology not producing productivity improvements?
Soumitra Dutta | Forbes | October 2022

Making funding flows fair: Must ESG be bad news for emerging markets?
Colin Mayer | The Financial Times | October 2022

Learning the business of show business, by degree
Adam Blandshay | The Financial Times | October 2022

How to survive and thrive on an executive MBA
Blaine Scully | The Financial Times | October 2022

Britain needs a growth strategy for the second machine age
Soumitra Dutta | The Financial Times | October 2022 

Britain needs a growth strategy for the second machine age
Soumitra Dutta | The Financial Times | September 2022

Rethinking how we measure companies on social and environmental impact
Nicholas Andreou and Marya Besharov | Slone MIT | September 2022

Activist investing: Insights from Patricia Olasker, a lawyer who represents both sides
Robert Eccles | Forbes | September 2022

How can a well-defined corporate purpose be a force for good?
Colin Mayer | Eco Business October 2022

There’s no need to fear a brain drain of students to American universities
Thomas Hellman | The Times | September 2022

Oxford University’s business school gets full marks for CRM the second time with Salesforce
Diginomica | September 2022

A linguistic analysis of the Texas Section 809 Boycott Provision
Robert Eccles | Forbes | September 2022

Product-led growth companies find a new way to serve customers
Thomas Davenport | MIT Slone | September 2022

Cost of living crisis is changing the way consumers interact with companies
Andrew Stephen | Startups Magazine | September 2022

Total factor productivity growth: we need a new drug
Dimitri Tsomocos | LSE Blogs | September 2022

The Twitter Whistleblower Plays Right Into Elon Musk’s Hands
Paul Fisher | WIRED | August 2022

Getting your ducks in a row
Jonathon Trevor | DialougDialogue | August 2022

The Chicago Athenaeum announces the International Architecture Awards 2022 for excellence in the world’s first and oldest global design awards program
Global Design News | August 2022

Three hypotheses about Republican senior executives and the worrisome problem of wokeness
Robert Eccles | Forbes | August 2022

‘Hating ESG’: Advocates are looking to replace the label
Robert Eccles | Bloomberg | August 2022

What is a virtual CIO (vCIO) and does your business need one?
Mark Bramwell | IT Pro | August 2022

How the giants of British banking have kept their challengers at bay
Raconteur | August 2022

Looking at climate change through the eyes of ExxonMobil
Robert Eccles | Forbes | August 2022

Private equity doesn’t want you to read this
Ludovic Phalippou | New York Times | August 2022

‘Mind-blowing’: Why do men’s paintings cost 10 times more than women’s?
Renee Adams | The Guardian | August 2022

Women officers must be on the frontlines of policing 
Hindustan Times | Akshay Mangla | August 2022

The best & brightest executive MBAs of 2022
Poets and Quants | August 2022

University Of Oxford: Seven Oxford academics elected British Academy Fellows
Sally Maitlis | Indian Education Diary | July 2022

British passport sixth most powerful in the world while EU states dominate top ranks
Stephen Klimczuk-Massion | City A.M. | July 2022

Transforming with humans at center
Business World | July 2022

Why companies can’t hire their way out of the tech talent crunch
Hrm Asia | July 2022

The credibility of EFRAG’s sustainability reporting standards is at risk
Robert Eccles | Forbes | July 2022

Prioritizing emotions is the key to success for business transformation
Andrew White | Forbes | July 2022

Organizational transformation is an emotional journey
Andrew White | Harvard Business Review | July 2022

SMEs: Six tips for successfully negotiating your digital transformation
Mark Bramwell | Get to text | July 2022

Grift Capitalism: The GOP’s brilliant strategy for ripping off ordinary Americans
Robert Eccles | Forbes | July 2022

Making the case for doing what’s right: In conversation with Andrew Burke, Dean Of Trinity Business School
Forbes | July 2022

The case for investing in non-ESG stocks
Andrew White | Raconteur | July 2022

Women's help desks in local police stations in India increased registration of cases of gender-based violence
Akshay Mangla | Phys | July 2022

Business transformation: Prioritising emotions is key to success
Andrew White | Future CFO | July 2022

Employee mental health pays a high price for change
Andrew White | Consultancy | July 2022

Best 2023 Scholarships For Women
Biz Watch Nigeria | July 2022

The Human Economic Manifesto: Seeking prosperity, not profit
Colin Mayer | HR Zone | July 2022

Why business leaders – not technologists – make the best CIOs
Mark Bramwell | IT Pro | July 2022

New research talks about measures to address gender-based violence in India
Akshay Mangla | Eastern Eye | July 2022

How the behavioral risk team is innovating the internal audit function at NatWest
Robert Eccles | Forbes | July 2022

Amid withering criticism, The Economist kills it's MBA ranking
Poets and Quants | July 2022

What’s Boris Johnson got to do with a self-improving FE system?
David Russel | FE News | July 2022

Being your authentic self at work - The diversity imperative at BCG
Forbes | July 2022

CIO interview: Mark Bramwell, CIO, Saïd Business School
Mark Bramwell | Computer Weekly | June 2022

Commission calls for businesses to commit to purpose-led recovery
Colin Mayer | Insider | June 2022

Transformational business awards, emotions, the finance gender gap
The Financial Times | June 2022

A 7-point plan for your September new starter explosion
Marc Thompson | TES | June 2022

Metaverse: Momentum is building, but companies are still staying cautious
Mark Bramwell | ZD Net | June 2022

We taught an AI to impersonate Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde – here’s what it revealed about sentience
Alex Connock | The Conversation | June 2022

Dead authors have their say at Oxford union debate
Alex Connock | The Times | June 2022

French Schools dominate new Financial Times Ranking
Poet and Quants | June 2022

Business Schools in France dominate Financial Times Master in Finance ranking
Business Because | June 2022

I’m proof it’s never too late to make your billion-pound fortune
The Telegraph | June 2022

A comparative analysis of three proposals for climate-related disclosures
Robert Eccles | Forbes | June 2022

Climate change climbs the business school curriculum
Colin Mayer | Financial Times | June 2022

Applications on the rise as graduate jobs market swells
Financial Times | June 2022

The tiredness epidemic in the office is a sign of bureaucratic bloat
Jan-Emmanuel De Neve | The Telegraph | June 2022

HSBC to run fintech education course for employees
Fintech Extra | June 2022

Mark Bramwell | ZD Net | June 2022

Only 8% of UK workers would tell a manager about feeling lonely at work
HR News | June 2022

To explore brave new worlds, astronauts need smart new suits
Bent Flyvbjerg | Financial Times | June 2022 

People moves: Rob Bauer steps down from International Centre for Pension Management
Richard Barker | IPE | June 2022

The topology of hate for ESG
Robert Eccles | Forbes | June 2022

Divestment: are there better ways to clean up ‘dirty’ companies?
Robert Eccles | Financial Times | June 2022

Business schools rethink what the campus is for
Eleanor Murray | Financial Times | May 2022

Global tensions strain weak links in tech supply chains
Eric Thun | Financial Times | May 2022

Three big ideas to ensure research helps shape the future of business
Andrew Stephen | Times Higher Education | May 2022

The best strategies don’t just take a long view. They take a broad view.
Trudi Lang | Harvard Business Review | May 2022

End of EU research funding will choke off UK deeptech, top professor warns
Thomas Hellman | City AM | May 2022

The Stock Market and climate change: A very provocative speech by Stuart Kirk
Robert Eccles | Forbes | May 2022

The benefits and costs of climate-related disclosure activities for companies and investors
Robert Eccles | Forbes | May 2022

PSP allows you entry into private equity world
Ludovic Phalippou | Seeking Alpha | May 2022

New batch of public, private sector leaders trained
Muscat Daily | May 2022

Business schools’ rivals — and partners
Jen Mack | Financial Times | May 2022

Global tensions strain weak links in tech supply chains
Eric Thun | Financial Times | May 2022

Leaders learn tough lessons about resilience
Sally Maitlis | The Financial Times | May 2022

Business schools’ rivals — and partners
Financial Times | May 2022

How should HR handle the highest inflation in decades?
Andrew White | Personnel Today | May 2022

New batch of public, private sector leaders trained
Muscat Daily | May 2022

The benefits and costs of climate-related disclosure activities for companies and investors
Robert Eccles | Forbes | May 2022

PSP allows you entry into private equity world
Ludovic Phalippou | Seeking Alpha | May 2022

Illegal donkey-skin trade thriving on social networks, report reveals
Ewan Macdonald | The Guardian | May 2022 

Looking back to look forward: How Oxford Saïd’s MBA class has changed in 25 years 
Poets and Quants | May 2022

Activist investors are becoming tamer
Robert Eccles | The Economist | May 2022

Building cyber resilience before the next attack occurs
Manuel Hepfer and Thomas B. Lawrence | MIT Slone | May 2022

A milestone in Paris: The MBA Tournament returns to in-person
Poets and Quants | May 2022

Why the next generation of MAT leaders wants to do things differently
Tim Morris | TES | May 2022

China’s ‘innovation machine’: how it works, how it’s changing and why it matters
Savid Gann | The Conversation | May 2022

100 best & brightest MBAs: Class of 2022
Poets and Quants | May 2022

Founding CEO Of Kolleno, Dimitri Raziev, is simplifying B2B credit control and collections for SMEs
Dimitri Raziev | Forbes | May 2022

Thousands of donkey skins listed for sale online
Ewan Macdonald | Daily Mail | May 2022

Thousands of donkey skins listed for sale online
Ewan Macdonald | Yahoo | May 2022

How Elon Musk won Twitter
Timothy Gaplin | WIRED | May 2022

Ohio teachers pension investment cost disclosure is more confusing than ever
Forbes | May 2022

Redefining the CIO role post-pandemic
Mark Bramwell |CIO | May 2022

Governor, legislators won’t budge in high-speed rail dispute
Bent Flyvbjerg | May 2022

Senior officials to receive new training on delivering major projects
New Civil Engineer | May 2022

Clinical AI gets the headlines, but administrative AI may be a better bet
Thomas Davenport | MIT Slone | April 2022

Jeffery Leving: Employees want remote work option and flexible hours. Workplaces would be wise to listen
Chicago Tribune | April 2022

Saïd Business School helping journalists across the world reach more readers
Editor and Publisher | April 2022

The Economics of Mutuality: a new school of thought and business model
CEO Magazine| April 2022

Why the cost of living crisis means leaders may have to accept a second coming of working from home
Andrew White | Business Leader | April 2022

How Europe can address the gender gap in GME
Economist | April 2022

The sustainability crisis is being met with two kinds of leadership — MBA degrees need to evolve as well: Peter Tufano
Peter Tufano | Economic Times of India | April 2022

Mars family’s framework offers a purpose-driven ethos to private market investors
Family Capital | April 2022

Podcast: why a career map is important for women and how to make one effectively
Kathryn Bishop | HAYS | April 2022

Inside the secretive private equity firm behind the £6.8bn Asda buyout
Peter Morris | Trend Fool | April 2022

Will a Fast Train to Vegas Lure Road Trippers From Their Cars?
Bent Flyvbjerg | Bloomberg | April 2022

Role Data Science And Analytics In Cleantech Is Growing
Datatehvibe | April 2022

Meet your speakers for our Newsrewired conference in May
Emily Kasriel | Journalism | April 2022

20 Ways to Promote Work-Life Balance at Your Company
Bulletin | April 2022

75% of Employees Research Company Culture Before Applying: What This Means for You
Disrupt Magazine | April 2022

Why SEC climate disclosure plan is a “game changer”
Robert Eccles | Capital Monitor | April 2022

Top business schools you should know
CEO World | April 2022

Companies race to count CO2 ahead of SEC climate rule
Robert Eccles | Climate Wired | April 2022

Saïd Business School launches fundraiser drive for Ukraine crisis
Oxford Mail | March 2022

Sustainable investing boom prompts fierce fight for talent
Robert Eccles | Forbes | March 2022

Rethinking The Purpose of Business With Oxford Professor Colin Mayer
Colin Mayer | Forbes | March 2022

Strategist’s Digest: How advertising media mixes really work /
Andrew Stephen | Contagious | March 2022

19 candidates shortlisted for the 2022 Stop Slavery Award
Ravi Josh | Reuters | March 2022

Scholarships And Opportunity For Women At Business School
Forbes | March 2022

Small group of big arms producers profit most of EU defence funding
Martin Schmaltz | Investigate Europe | March 2022

What's a 'Nocoiner'? Inside the World of Crypto Sceptics
Martin Schmaltz | Vice | March 2022

How To Read The SEC’s Milestone Proposed Climate-Related Disclosure Framework
Robert Eccles | Forbes | March 2022

Tokyo Olympics expected to reveal final costs in June
Bent Flyvbjerg | ABC News | March 2022

Finland named world’s happiest country for fifth year running
Jan-Emmanuel de Neve | The Guardian | March 2022

App supporting teens through puberty shares start-up prize
Alumni | Oxford Mail | March 2022

Learning with Experts expands its stellar vocational and commercial training courses
 Alastair Nicholson | The Express | March 2022

Overwhelming demand: Oxford hit by tsunami of apps to new sustainability master’s
Poets and Quants | March 2022

International Women’s Day: Top scholarships for women MBA candidates
Poets and Quants | March 2022

What UK employees want from their jobs
Jan-Emmanuel de Neve | The Telegraph | March 2022

Is stakeholder capitalism real or not?: The natural experiment of Covid-19
Robert Eccles | Forbes | March 2022

Australia dives in global soft power index as Fortress Australia takes its toll
Paul Temporal | Sydney Morning Herald | March 2022

10 inspirational women MBA students
Alumna | Business Because | March 2022

California’s ambitious high-speed rail at a crossroads
Bent Flyvbjerg | New York Times | March 2022

Vladimir Putin’s contribution to ESG investing
Robert Eccles | Forbes | March 2022

Novata forms advisory council of global experts to build future of ESG for private markets
Robert Eccles | Business Wire | March 2022

Why the 'sophomore slump' of adulthood hits so hard
Sally Maitlis | BBC | February 2022

Alternative fund managers are increasingly mainstream
Tim Jenkinson and Ludovic Phalippou | The Economist | February 2022

How to fund your MBA studies
Liam Kilby | Financial Times | February 2022

The hydrogen market’s growing credibility
Robert Eccles | Financial Times | February 2022

Companies are making serious money with AI
Thomas Davenport | MIT Slone | February 2022

We need universal ESG accounting standards
Robert Eccles | Harvard Business Review | February 2022

A personal message to the cantankerous critics of the International Sustainability Standards Board
Robert Eccles | Forbes | February 2022

One of the hardest feats at the Winter Olympics is calculating the bill
Bent Flyvbjerg | Wall Street Journal | February 2022

The perils and opportunities of ESG investing
Colin Mayer | American Affairs | February 2022

Career coaches say business is booming in the pandemic. Here are 3 tips for finding and succeeding with one if you're in a rut.
Dan Kiernan | Business Insider | February 2022

The SEC unveils its plan to bring private funds in check
Ludovic Phalippou | Institutional Investor | February 2022

3 reasons to pursue an MBA in Europe right now
Poets and Quants | February 2022

Bureaucracy cannot curb Boris Johnson’s chaotic culture
Jonathan Trevor | Financial Times | February 2022

What to make of the Labor Department’s request for comment on protecting retirement assets from climate risks
Robert Eccles | Forbes | February 2022

Unilever’s purpose and sustainability test of its shareholders
Robert Eccles | Forbes | February 2022

Cognitive biases are not the only ones you need to worry about
Bent Flyvbjerg | Forbes | February 2022

For China, hosting the olympics is worth every billion
Bent Flyvbjerg | New York Times | February 2022

The Great Reshuffle: Companies are reinventing rules as employees seek remote work, flexible hours and life beyond work
Jan-Emmanuel De Neve | CNBC| February 2022

Business Schools must do more to address the climate crisis
Peter Tufano | Harvard Business Review | February 2022

Why a clear school vision empowers staff and students
Trudi Lang | TES | February 2022

Brulé explores the paradox of gender equality laws in India
Akshay Mangla | Boston UniversityFebruary 2022

UCD Smurfit School offers a soft landing on home turf
Irish Times February 2022

Pittsburgh Bridge collapses hours before Biden infrastructure visit
Daniel Armanios | New York Times | January 2022

A killer app for the metaverse? Fill it with AI avatars of ourselves – so we don’t need to go there
Alex Connock | The Conversation | January 2022

Over a third of Brits unhappy in their jobs, UK's largest work happiness study finds
Jan-Emmanuel De Neve | The Mirror | January 2022

Companies say they’re serious about corporate purpose, but investors aren’t convinced
Robert Eccles, Colin Mayer, and Judith Stroehle | Fortune | January 2022

Microsoft’s activision blizzard deal is a move toward the post-console world
Alex Connock | Wired | January 2022

How leaders can move beyond greenwashing toward real change
Robert Eccles and Charmain Love | Harvard Business Review | January 2022

Business leaders must stress test their characters, says former HSBC chief John Flint
The Times | January 2022

Blame game, sustainable business education, degree funding
Soumitra Dutta | Financial Times | January 2022

Ex-Unilever chief Paul Polman: ‘We don’t have a climate crisis, we have a leadership crisis’
Paul Polman | The Times | January 2022

Science and religion don’t have to clash, says world-renowned theologian Oxford’s Alister McGrath 
Forbes | January 2022

More than a third of UK workers are unhappy in their jobs 
Jan-Emmanuel De Neve | Yahoo | January 2022

More than a third of Brits are unhappy in their jobs 
Jan-Emmanuel De Neve | Yahoo | January 2022

The reputational risks of AI 
Matthias Holweg, Rupert Younger and Yuni Wen | California Management Review | January 2022

Open banking’s way forward involves more data sharing, not less
Pinar Ozcan | PYMNTS | January 2022

UK launches panel to promote data flow 
Pinar Ozcan | PYMNTS | January 2022

5 areas where VCs can play an outsized role in addressing climate change
Abrar Chaudhury | Tech Crunch |  January 2022

The long trend of falling corporate taxes is being reversed
Michael Devereux  | The Economist | January 2022

Inside private equity’s race to go public
Peter Morris | Financial Times | January 2022

Pursuit of social purpose sends business schools back to their roots
Peter Tufano | Financial Times | January 2022

Private equity steps up push into UK holiday parks
Peter Morris | Financial Times | January 2022

Private equity’s strange effect on workplace inequality
Ludovic Phalippou | Financial Times | January 2022

Ex-Unilever chief Paul Polman: ‘We don’t have a climate crisis, we have a leadership crisis’
Paul Polman | The Sunday Times | January 2022

TPG executives to pocket potential $1.4 bln tax windfall after IPO
Ludovic Phalippou | Reuters | January 2022