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Prioritizing Emotions Is The Key To Success For Business Transformation

Andrew White explains what makes for a successful business transformation based on the findings from new research by Saïd Business School and EY.

Organizational Transformation Is an Emotional Journey

Andrew White and Michael Smets explain what makes a successful business transformation.

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Prioritizing Emotions Is The Key To Success For Business Transformation
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Organizational Transformation Is an Emotional Journey
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Business transformation: Prioritising emotions is key to success
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Dead authors have their say at Oxford union debate
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French Schools Dominate New Financial Times Ranking
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Business Schools In France Dominate Financial Times Master In Finance Ranking
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I’m proof it’s never too late to make your billion-pound fortune
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A Comparative Analysis Of Three Proposals For Climate-Related Disclosures
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Climate change climbs the business school curriculum
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Applications on the rise as graduate jobs market swells
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The tiredness epidemic in the office is a sign of bureaucratic bloat
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HSBC to run fintech education course for employees
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Only 8% of UK workers would tell a manager about feeling lonely at work
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To explore brave new worlds, astronauts need smart new suits
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People moves: Rob Bauer steps down from International Centre for Pension Management
Richard Barker | IPE | June 2022

The Topology Of Hate For ESG
Robert Eccles | Forbes | June 2022

Divestment: are there better ways to clean up ‘dirty’ companies?
Robert Eccles | Financial Times | June 2022

Business schools rethink what the campus is for
Eleanor Murray | Financial Times | May 2022

Global tensions strain weak links in tech supply chains
Eric Thun | Financial Times | May 2022

Three big ideas to ensure research helps shape the future of business
Andrew Stephen | Times Higher Education | May 2022

The Best Strategies Don’t Just Take a Long View. They Take a Broad View.
Trudi Lang | Harvard Business Review | May 2022

End of EU research funding will choke off UK deeptech, top professor warns
Thomas Hellman | City AM | May 2022

The Stock Market And Climate Change: A Very Provocative Speech By Stuart Kirk
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The Benefits And Costs Of Climate-Related Disclosure Activities For Companies And Investors
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PSP Allows You Entry Into Private Equity World
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New batch of public, private sector leaders trained
Muscat Daily | May 2022

Business schools’ rivals — and partners
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Global tensions strain weak links in tech supply chains
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Leaders learn tough lessons about resilience
Sally Maitlis | The Financial Times | May 2022

Business schools’ rivals — and partners
Financial Times | May 2022

How should HR handle the highest inflation in decades?
Andrew White | Personnel Today | May 2022

New batch of public, private sector leaders trained
Muscat Daily | May 2022

The benefits and costs of climate-related disclosure activities for companies and investors
Robert Eccles | Forbes | May 2022

PSP allows you entry into private equity world
Ludovic Phalippou | Seeking Alpha | May 2022

Illegal donkey-skin trade thriving on social networks, report reveals
Ewan Macdonald | The Guardian | May 2022 

Looking back to look forward: How Oxford Saïd’s MBA class has changed in 25 years 
Poets and Quants | May 2022

Activist investors are becoming tamer
Robert Eccles | The Economist | May 2022

Building cyber resilience before the next attack occurs
Manuel Hepfer and Thomas B. Lawrence | MIT Slone | May 2022

A milestone in Paris: The MBA Tournament returns to in-person
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Why the next generation of MAT leaders wants to do things differently
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China’s ‘innovation machine’: how it works, how it’s changing and why it matters
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100 best & brightest MBAs: Class of 2022
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Founding CEO Of Kolleno, Dimitri Raziev, is simplifying B2B credit control and collections for SMEs
Dimitri Raziev | Forbes | May 2022

Thousands of donkey skins listed for sale online
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Thousands of donkey skins listed for sale online
Ewan Macdonald | Yahoo | May 2022

How Elon Musk won Twitter
Timothy Gaplin | WIRED | May 2022

Ohio teachers pension investment cost disclosure is more confusing than ever
Forbes | May 2022

Redefining the CIO role post-pandemic
Mark Bramwell |CIO | May 2022

Governor, legislators won’t budge in high-speed rail dispute
Bent Flyvbjerg | May 2022

Senior officials to receive new training on delivering major projects
New Civil Engineer | May 2022

Clinical AI gets the headlines, but administrative AI may be a better bet
Thomas Davenport | MIT Slone | April 2022

Jeffery Leving: Employees want remote work option and flexible hours. Workplaces would be wise to listen
Chicago Tribune | April 2022

Saïd Business School helping journalists across the world reach more readers
Editor and Publisher | April 2022

The Economics of Mutuality: a new school of thought and business model
CEO Magazine| April 2022

Why the cost of living crisis means leaders may have to accept a second coming of working from home
Andrew White | Business Leader | April 2022

How Europe can address the gender gap in GME
Economist | April 2022

The sustainability crisis is being met with two kinds of leadership — MBA degrees need to evolve as well: Peter Tufano
Peter Tufano | Economic Times of India | April 2022

Mars family’s framework offers a purpose-driven ethos to private market investors
Family Capital | April 2022

Podcast: why a career map is important for women and how to make one effectively
Kathryn Bishop | HAYS | April 2022

Inside the secretive private equity firm behind the £6.8bn Asda buyout
Peter Morris | Trend Fool | April 2022

Will a Fast Train to Vegas Lure Road Trippers From Their Cars?
Bent Flyvbjerg | Bloomberg | April 2022

Role Data Science And Analytics In Cleantech Is Growing
Datatehvibe | April 2022

Meet your speakers for our Newsrewired conference in May
Emily Kasriel | Journalism | April 2022

20 Ways to Promote Work-Life Balance at Your Company
Bulletin | April 2022

75% of Employees Research Company Culture Before Applying: What This Means for You
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Rethinking The Purpose of Business With Oxford Professor Colin Mayer
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Strategist’s Digest: How advertising media mixes really work /
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19 candidates shortlisted for the 2022 Stop Slavery Award
Ravi Josh | Reuters | March 2022

Scholarships And Opportunity For Women At Business School
Forbes | March 2022

Small group of big arms producers profit most of EU defence funding
Martin Schmaltz | Investigate Europe | March 2022

What's a 'Nocoiner'? Inside the World of Crypto Sceptics
Martin Schmaltz | Vice | March 2022

How To Read The SEC’s Milestone Proposed Climate-Related Disclosure Framework
Robert Eccles | Forbes | March 2022

Tokyo Olympics expected to reveal final costs in June
Bent Flyvbjerg | ABC News | March 2022

Finland named world’s happiest country for fifth year running
Jan-Emmanuel de Neve | The Guardian | March 2022

App supporting teens through puberty shares start-up prize
Alumni | Oxford Mail | March 2022

Learning with Experts expands its stellar vocational and commercial training courses
 Alastair Nicholson | The Express | March 2022

Overwhelming demand: Oxford hit by tsunami of apps to new sustainability master’s
Poets and Quants | March 2022

International Women’s Day: Top scholarships for women MBA candidates
Poets and Quants | March 2022

What UK employees want from their jobs
Jan-Emmanuel de Neve | The Telegraph | March 2022

Is stakeholder capitalism real or not?: The natural experiment of Covid-19
Robert Eccles | Forbes | March 2022

Australia dives in global soft power index as Fortress Australia takes its toll
Paul Temporal | Sydney Morning Herald | March 2022

10 inspirational women MBA students
Alumna | Business Because | March 2022

California’s ambitious high-speed rail at a crossroads
Bent Flyvbjerg | New York Times | March 2022

Vladimir Putin’s contribution to ESG investing
Robert Eccles | Forbes | March 2022

Novata forms advisory council of global experts to build future of ESG for private markets
Robert Eccles | Business Wire | March 2022

Why the 'sophomore slump' of adulthood hits so hard
Sally Maitlis | BBC | February 2022

Alternative fund managers are increasingly mainstream
Tim Jenkinson and Ludovic Phalippou | The Economist | February 2022

How to fund your MBA studies
Liam Kilby | Financial Times | February 2022

The hydrogen market’s growing credibility
Robert Eccles | Financial Times | February 2022

Companies are making serious money with AI
Thomas Davenport | MIT Slone | February 2022

We need universal ESG accounting standards
Robert Eccles | Harvard Business Review | 
February 2022

A personal message to the cantankerous critics of the International Sustainability Standards Board
Robert Eccles
| Forbes | February 2022

One of the hardest feats at the Winter Olympics is calculating the bill
Bent Flyvbjerg | Wall Street Journal | 
February 2022

The perils and opportunities of ESG investing
Colin Mayer | American Affairs | 
February 2022

Career coaches say business is booming in the pandemic. Here are 3 tips for finding and succeeding with one if you're in a rut.
Dan Kiernan | Business Insider | February 2022

The SEC unveils its plan to bring private funds in check
Ludovic Phalippou | Institutional Investor | 
February 2022

3 reasons to pursue an MBA in Europe right now
Poets and Quants | February 2022

Bureaucracy cannot curb Boris Johnson’s chaotic culture
Jonathan Trevor | Financial Times | February 2022

What to make of the Labor Department’s request for comment on protecting retirement assets from climate risks
Robert Eccles | Forbes | February 2022

Unilever’s purpose and sustainability test of its shareholders
Robert Eccles | Forbes | February 2022

Cognitive biases are not the only ones you need to worry about
Bent Flyvbjerg | Forbes | February 2022

For China, hosting the olympics is worth every billion
Bent Flyvbjerg | New York Times | February 2022

The Great Reshuffle: Companies are reinventing rules as employees seek remote work, flexible hours and life beyond work
Jan-Emmanuel De Neve | CNBC| February 2022

Business Schools must do more to address the climate crisis
Peter Tufano | Harvard Business Review | February 2022

Why a clear school vision empowers staff and students
Trudi Lang | TES | February 2022

Brulé explores the paradox of gender equality laws in India
Akshay Mangla | Boston UniversityFebruary 2022

UCD Smurfit School offers a soft landing on home turf
Irish Times 
February 2022

Pittsburgh Bridge collapses hours before Biden infrastructure visit
Daniel Armanios | New York Times | January 2022

A killer app for the metaverse? Fill it with AI avatars of ourselves – so we don’t need to go there
Alex Connock | The Conversation | January 2022

Over a third of Brits unhappy in their jobs, UK's largest work happiness study finds
Jan-Emmanuel De Neve | The Mirror | January 2022

Companies say they’re serious about corporate purpose, but investors aren’t convinced
Robert Eccles, Colin Mayer, and Judith Stroehle | Fortune | January 2022

Microsoft’s activision blizzard deal is a move toward the post-console world
Alex Connock | Wired | January 2022

How leaders can move beyond greenwashing toward real change
Robert Eccles and Charmain Love | Harvard Business Review | January 2022

Business leaders must stress test their characters, says former HSBC chief John Flint
The Times | January 2022

Blame game, sustainable business education, degree funding
Soumitra Dutta | Financial Times | January 2022

Ex-Unilever chief Paul Polman: ‘We don’t have a climate crisis, we have a leadership crisis’
Paul Polman | The Times | January 2022

Science and religion don’t have to clash, says world-renowned theologian Oxford’s Alister McGrath 
Forbes | January 2022

More than a third of UK workers are unhappy in their jobs 
Jan-Emmanuel De Neve | Yahoo | January 2022

More than a third of Brits are unhappy in their jobs 
Jan-Emmanuel De Neve | Yahoo | January 2022

The reputational risks of AI 
Matthias Holweg, Rupert Younger and Yuni Wen | California Management Review | January 2022

Open banking’s way forward involves more data sharing, not less
Pinar Ozcan | PYMNTS | January 2022

UK launches panel to promote data flow 
Pinar Ozcan | PYMNTS | January 2022

5 areas where VCs can play an outsized role in addressing climate change
Abrar Chaudhury | Tech Crunch |  January 2022

The long trend of falling corporate taxes is being reversed
Michael Devereux  | The Economist | January 2022

Inside private equity’s race to go public
Peter Morris | Financial Times | January 2022

Pursuit of social purpose sends business schools back to their roots
Peter Tufano | Financial Times | January 2022

Private equity steps up push into UK holiday parks
Peter Morris | Financial Times | January 2022

Private equity’s strange effect on workplace inequality
Ludovic Phalippou | Financial Times | January 2022

Ex-Unilever chief Paul Polman: ‘We don’t have a climate crisis, we have a leadership crisis’
Paul Polman | The Sunday Times | January 2022

TPG executives to pocket potential $1.4 bln tax windfall after IPO
Ludovic Phalippou | Reuters | January 2022

Corporate predictions for 2022: what the business schools say
Andrew White | The Times | December 2021

Tokyo Olympics cost almost twice as much as predicted
Bent Flyvbjerg | Financial Times | December 2021

Leadership lessons from a turbulent year: what the business schools say
Kathryn Bishop | The Times | December 2021

We invited an AI to debate its own ethics in the Oxford Union – what it said was startling
Dr Alex Connock and Professor Andrew Stephen | The Conversation | December 2021

European Business Schools ranking: profiles 
Rankings | Financial Times | December 2021

The venture capitalist’s dilemma: Writing personal checks 
Thomas Hellmann | Bloomberg Law and Yahoo!Finance | December 2021

Payday for Seedrs founders as UK crowdfunding platform is snapped up by US rival Republic in £75m deal
Alumni | The Daily Mail | December 2021

Private equity giant KKR is accelerating its ESG push with some outside help
Bob Eccles | Fortune | December 2021

‘It’s critical’: can Microsoft make good on its climate ambitions?
Aoife Brophy | The Guardian | November 2021

Years of delays, billions in overruns: The dismal history of big infrastructure
Bent Flyvbjerg | The New York Times | November 2021

CNN interview: Omicron variant of Covid-19
Peter Drobac | CNN | November 2021

Most influential Business School Professors Of 2021
Rachel Botsman | Poets & Quants | November 2021

Private equity fees: where are the customers’ jets?
Ludovic Phalippou | Financial Times | November 2021

Bracken Bower Prize 2021: excerpts from the finalists’ proposals
Manuel Hepfer | Financial Times | November 2021

When humanlike chatbots work for consumers - and when they don’t
Cammy Crolic | Wall Street Journal | November 2021

Reflections on COP 26 from an activist in residence: An interview with Charmian Love
Bob Eccles, Charmian Love | Forbes | November 2021

Women’s entrepreneurship accelerator partners with the WE Empower UN SDG challenge to maximize the development impact of women entrepreneurs
Yahoo! Finance | November 2021

The shaky case for mandating gender diversity on corporate boards 
Renée Adams | Newsweek | November 2021

Regulators step up scrutiny over investment industry ‘greenwashing’
Robert Eccles | Financial Times | November 2021

How investing in private equity is like ‘walking into a jungle’
Ludovic Phalippou | Financial Times | November 2021

European business schools join forces to offer free climate training
Peter Tufano | Financial Times | November 2021

2021 brought historic gains for women at the top business schools
Poets & Quants | November 2021

Hybrid enterprises have dramatically accelerated - people want companies to actively contribute to social good: Marya Besharov
Marya Besharov | The Economic Times | November 2021

Collaborating for climate leadership
Peter Tufano | The Economist | November 2021

How can business schools help to save the planet?
Alex Nicholls | Forbes | November 2021

In sweeping report, Europe’s top B-schools urge business to act on climate
Poets & Quants | November 2021

Which online MBA programs have the most women? The answer may surprise you
Poets & Quants | November 2021

Buyout giants rebrand as forces for good while seeking profits
Ludovic Phalippou | Bloomberg | November 2021