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The International Business Group aims to advance understanding of business in a semi-globalised world.

We conduct pioneering research addressing pressing global issues, such as sustainability and labour standards in global value chains, innovation in emerging markets, digital transformation (including the adoption of AI), and state capacity and governance. We take a distinct multi-level perspective to studying the political economy of international business, in order to understand system-level challenges and to identify policy options by analysing firm-level and higher-level drivers of change.

The group represents a cluster of researchers trained in political science and related social sciences, and is committed to empirically grounded research using mixed methods. We collaborate with colleagues within the business school, other Oxford departments (notably political science, law, and economics) and in international locations.



    The group conduct pioneering research on global issues facing established and entrepreneurial firms, including global value chains, make-or-buy decisions, technological upgrading, innovation and global entrepreneurship, political risk and government-industry relations (including corporate diplomacy).



    • Yuni Wen
    International Business
    • Yuni Wen,
    • Matthias Holweg
    International Business

    Contracting for Artificial Intelligence(opens in new window)

    • Journal article
    • Communications of the ACM
    • Mari Sako
    International Business
    Professional Service Firms

    The Indian Police: Managing Dilemmas of Internal Security(opens in new window)

    • Chapter
    • Internal Security in India: Violence, Order, and the State
    • A Mangla
    International Business
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