Oxford Seed Fund


A student-led fund that provides capital to Oxford University’s most promising start-ups

The Fund provides start-ups and entrepreneurs with access to capital, diverse investors, and a supportive community in which to develop and scale.

We invest up to £50,000 in the top Oxford-affiliated startups and provide them with the network and support they need to scale. Our current team is made up of 11 MBA candidates whose experience ranges in venture capital, investment strategy, management consultancy, financial services and entrepreneurship. 

Supported by the Entrepreneurship Centre, we source and evaluate up to 200 potential deals per year, conduct due diligence, and ultimately invest in up to two startups per year. 

Take a look at our investment portfolio and learn about the investments we've made since the Fund was established in 2012.




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The Oxford Seed Fund has invested in 24 ventures since its creation, varying in industry to make up a diverse portfolio. 

2021 Founders Book


This book contains a collection of some of the most impressive startups that we have selected from almost 100 applicants this year.

Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion

The Oxford Seed Fund publicly commits to diversity, equity and inclusion on behalf of past, current and future Oxford Seed Fund teams. We seek to ensure that each term, from Directors to the startups in our portfolio, we share the same values and commitments to be self-aware and critical of our own diversity and biases, as well as the impact of our work.

We aim for this to be a continuing tradition and one that is reflected upon as the Oxford Seed Fund alumni base grows. We will continue to revisit our values and priorities as a fund and update them to match the available knowledge of the time. The following list is not exhaustive, but examples of ways in which we hope to be more responsible members of the VC community:

  1. We commit to prioritising Diversity, Equity and Inclusion when selecting team members, sourcing new leads and when making our investments
  2. We will actively reflect on biases and preconceptions during the sourcing, due diligence and selection processes
  3. We will ensure continued education and awareness on the progress, or lack-there-of, with industry standards regarding hiring and investing in underrepresented groups
  4. We will hold ourselves accountable for meeting specific metrics and goals that provide equal opportunities to members of the cohort
  5. We commit to prohibiting and to be intolerant of any form of bullying, sexual harassment, or discrimination



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Pitch to us for 2022/2023 funding

You need

  • An Oxford connection: At least one alumni, staff member or current student in your founding team
  • Requirement for capital: An explanation for why our investment will make a meaningful difference for your venture
  • Potential for growth: Demonstrate you could receive a 10x follow-on investment or generate substantial revenues in the next 18 months
  • Corporate registration in the UK or US: Even if you operate elsewhere