We host a number of annual events at Saïd Business School, including the Private Equity Forum, European Private Equity Research Consortium Symposium and the Risk Management Symposium.

Private Equity Forum


We introduced the annual Private Equity Forum in 2006 to bring together academics and investors to discuss challenges and opportunities facing the private equity sector. 

The Forum took place on Friday 6 May 2022. The afternoon comprised of five sessions covering different topics within private equity, with speakers taking questions from the floor. An overview of the research in private equity being undertaken at Oxford was also presented. 

A drinks reception followed the forum where there was an opportunity to network with speakers, industry experts, alumni and students.

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Risk Management Symposium


The Private Equity Institute hosted the eighth Risk Management Symposium organised by Tim Jenkinson, Private Equity Institute, University of Oxford and John Renkema, APG. The event was held at Saïd Business School on 30 November - 1 December 2023. The next Symposium will take place on 21-22 November 2024 at Saïd Business School.

Private equity’s illiquid nature means it is often perceived as one of the riskiest asset classes. However, it is precisely the associated risk premium that attracts institutional investors to private equity. Risk management in this area is still predominantly associated with risk avoidance, whereas harvesting the illiquidity risk premium requires specific management techniques for seeking risks in order to achieve an attractive risk/return relationship for private equity portfolios. The symposium aimed to advance private equity portfolio management practices and build a community of private equity practitioners and academics with a view to extending both the theoretical understanding and practical management of the issues raised.

A unique opportunity for major industry stakeholders and academics to discuss the current state of risk management in private equity, and plans for the future.

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Private Equity Research Consortium


We hosted the Inaugural European Private Equity Research Consortium (PERC) Symposium in May 2023.

It was the third European iteration of the annual PERC US conference, which has become the pre-eminent conference on private equity, and will bring together leading academics and practitioners for discourse and discussion on innovative topics in the field of private equity and private credit.

Private Equity Research Consortium (PERC) is a group of scholars and industry professionals that conducts and promotes research on private equity. The core mission is to develop better understanding of how private capital investments affect both financial results and broader economic outcomes.

The forth European iteration will be held at Oxford Saïd in May 2024.