Building a business case


Benefits for employers

Enable your colleague to realise their full leadership potential within your organisation.

The Oxford Executive MBA is designed to support senior leaders to realise the benefits of studying at Oxford, while continuing to meet their professional commitments.

Sponsoring a participant for the Oxford Executive MBA will provide immediate benefits. From the very first module, participants are able to apply the theory and skills they have learned in their own organisation. Unlike a regular MBA programme, where students study on a full-time basis, many participants on the Oxford Executive MBA continue to be employed full time.  

Sponsorship of your employees can include anything from supporting the time commitment to providing tuition funding.

Specific benefits include:

  • modular programme structure facilitates continued full-time work alongside study
  • elements, such as the entrepreneurship project, focus on creating new business opportunities for the participant’s organisation
  • participants build a wealth of international business contacts through their peers and Oxford Business Alumni (OBA) network
  • investing in the development of your senior leaders will engender loyalty and inspire others
  • overseas modules give participants a strategic perspective on the challenges and opportunities presented by emerging markets

Case study


'I drew on some of my EMBA experiences when designing some of my game's solutions' (for a training programme for PepsiCo Global).
- Marco Rodriguez-Tapia, EMBA September 2020 cohort

Marco transformed Lean Six Sigma training at Pepsi-Co by commissioning a Minecraft-based game to deliver the training virtually during the Covid-19 pandemic, applying his learning from Module 1 'Leadership Fundamentals'.

Benefits for participants

For many participants, a key advantage of the Oxford Executive MBA is the opportunity to gain a full qualification from the University of Oxford without interrupting their professional careers.

Moreover, thanks to a flexible programme format and the ability to tailor elements of your study, the Oxford EMBA can deliver significant and immediate impact to your organisation.

The Oxford Executive MBA has given me a better perspective on what I am doing and my own way of behaving in the organisation, better tools, and the ammunition to make better decisions.

Clive Rudd Fernandez

CEO, La Cubanada LTD

Writing your proposal

Participants seeking support from their organisation for the time commitment or financial sponsorship to study on the Oxford Executive MBA may like to consider the following before building a business case:

Perform a skills-gap analysis

Identify your strengths and weaknesses before presenting your case to your employer. Think through where you currently fit in your organisation and how the Oxford Executive MBA will enhance the contribution you make.

Clarify your objectives

Take the time to show how your personal and business objectives align with the programme content. The assignments will enable you to analyse areas of your organisation and suggest relevant strategic opportunities for growth and efficiency. 

Consider the kind of sponsorship you want

The Oxford Executive MBA involves a substantial time commitment. With this in mind, the majority of students agree holiday arrangements to suit this intensive schedule as a consideration of how they will study the programme. You may also need to think about asking for full or part financial sponsorship from your organisation.

Gather evidence of the programme's impact

Presenting your case to your employer is likely to include information on how previous sponsors have benefited from the programme. 

Attend an open evening or information event

We organise regular events with the current class and we encourage you to bring your sponsor.

Talk with alumni

Attending an information event gives you the opportunity to meet current Oxford Executive MBA participants and to talk to them about their experience of the programme. If you would like further insight into how the programme has benefited individuals working within your industry, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will connect you with relevant alumni.

Student perspective


'To those considering the Oxford EMBA: if you believe it is right for you, then do it. If you need to boost your career, advance your thinking, or challenge yourself then this is the place to go. My counsel for anyone looking at doing this type of programme is go to the best school you can, the cost and time spent will pay back in dividends'.

Alastair Collier, Head of Strategy, Solutions and Sustainability at National Grid


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