Stories from our alumni

Some of our alumni from the past 15 years reflect on why they joined the programme, what it was like to be a part of it, and the lasting impact it has had on their lives in and out of work.

Céline Idil, Belgium

Assistant to the Director General, Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, European Commission

I was in charge of the trade negotiations with Eastern Africa in the European Commission and about to move to the negotiations with Central America, both challenging regions.

The various courses were very useful for me, in structuring my work and my approach to the negotiations, as well as to better understand the impact of different cultural backgrounds on the negotiations' dynamics.

I found the different training methods offered during the programme, from simulations and cases, to plenary courses and evening lectures very enriching and complementary.

The programme was a beautiful, enriching and useful experience. The teachers were excellent and motivating and I also met great people who were also taking part in the programme and came from all over the globe.

You have created a truly world-class executive programme on negotiation. The faculty and speakers you drew in were exceptional. You made the programme a fruitful, memorable experience which continues to benefit participants in the years to come.

Celia Ho

Manager, Securities and Futures Commission, Hong Kong, September 2006

Ian Milne, China

Founder, Nengli Global

I applied to the Oxford Programme on Negotiation… to improve my own understanding and related negotiation skills. Like most people I had no formal education regarding negotiation and what I knew had been gained simply through practice and experience.

The programme lived up to my expectations and I was able to benefit from it immediately, with improved results in my relationships and negotiations with suppliers and clients alike.

I would encourage anybody to attend this programme: not only will it provide thought provoking ideas, but the skills and techniques you learn will quickly reap rewards as they are applied to your own career.

Terry Prior, Australia

Industrial Relations Transition Manager, Ichthys Project, JKC Australia LNG Pty Ltd

My sincere thanks for the knowledge, wisdom and practical negotiation tactics that I was fortunate enough to have been exposed to on your negotiation programme.

I work in the field of Industrial Relations / Labour Relations where a significant part of my role is spent negotiating a variety of matters myself, or coaching line management to do the same and to that end the investment in your course has been paid back many times over.

In particular your cool, calm and controlled approach made attending your lectures an absolute pleasure – and at the time I can remember commenting to a fellow participant that you would be a formidable negotiator in practice.

Since attending the programme I have attended various Ivy League negotiation seminars along with a number here in Australia and none have come anywhere near the quality of the Oxford Programme.

The programme has helped me in my professional and personal life and I find myself using the skills learnt on an almost daily basis.

Joy O'Neill

Inclusion Expert, The Department of Education, UK

Pongrapee Buranasompob, Thailand

CEO, Executive Education and Enrichment Institute

With a top-notch selection of lecturers armed with the most current topics to cover, coupled with lots of real case studies, I found the programme's teachings and its carefully arranged sequences to be state-of-the-art. The programme offers more than knowledge, it further helps you fine-tune processes of all types of negotiations, from preparation to actual execution.

To say the least, I found not only that the programme has value beyond money, and would recommend this programme strongly to anyone interested in a better understanding of these building blocks of negotiation. Learners will truly understand that negotiating is more than winning, it is to create value both for you and your counterpart.

Hernan Barrientos, Italy

VP, Global Key Account Management CEVA Logistics

I work in the logistics industry, which is highly competitive, and I have some pretty tough clients. This meant that for years I thought of negotiation as an adversarial game – and the aim was to win. I was used to being good at this game too: I had a reputation within the company as a strong negotiator.

So when I applied to join the Oxford Programme on Negotiation, a little part of me assumed that it would not have much to teach me. How wrong I was. My ‘lightbulb moment’ came very early in the programme, during a simulated negotiation with one of the other participants.

As we discussed afterwards with the tutor, in a really successful negotiation there is not just one winner: everyone feels that they have won something. This is what I have been trying to put into practice since completing the programme.

Howard Reitz, USA

Director, Raytheon Company (Washington, DC)

We realised that in order to drive system-wide changes we need to build a new technological solution and work with existing market participants and new technology companies. In order to sell this solution we need to understand our customers and their influencers.

The work I did on negotiation with Tim Cullen and on corporate diplomacy with Mari Sako has helped me to frame this and work internally with our business leaders to develop ways to address the challenges for our customers. 

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