Uncharted waters: military strategy meets business strategy

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The first in my family to join the military, I was eager to explore the uncharted waters that the US Coast Guard could provide.

Having never seen the ocean before, I took the Oath of Office to join the longest continuous sea-going service in American history, assigning me the rank of cadet at the US Coast Guard Academy.


A collegiate basketball player and National Anthem soloist, I set my sights on a Bachelor of Science in Government. Four years later, I personally received my degree and commission from President Barack Obama before setting out to my first assignment as a military officer.

My career began at sea where, aside from my day-to-day navigating the ship and serving as the Weapons Officer, I led high speed pursuit cases of drug smugglers in international waters and rescued migrants on sinking life rafts.

At 24 years old, I was appointed as the Commanding Officer (Captain) of my own multi-million-dollar military ship in San Francisco, overseeing a crew of 12 persons in various operations spanning 600 nautical miles of US coastline. After four years at sea, I relocated to the nation’s capital to work in foreign relations and my entire world, so to speak, opened.


In joining the US Coast Guard’s Office of International Affairs and Foreign Policy, I was selected for Special Assignment to the Commandant (Top Admiral) of the US Coast Guard as his International Engagement Lead. In this role, I planned and executed official engagements with US Ambassadors, heads of foreign militaries, business executives, and elected officials across 21 countries. Within four months in this position, I was promoted to the Commandant’s Chief of Staff (Aide de Camp). I also had the privilege of serving at the White House as a Military Social Aide to both Presidents Biden and Trump.

I concluded my service with a 12-month deployment to the Arabian Gulf, where I strategized and planned military exercises and wargames with senior military officials from 17+ Middle Eastern and North African countries. In this capacity, I also led a team of Maritime Security Specialists in coordinated large-scale, interagency engagements. I retired from military service to pursue my MBA, and following my love for the international arena, I chose Oxford Saïd. 


As an MBA candidate, I serve as the Chair of the Saïd Business School Military Veterans Club and was elected by my peers to serve on the Student Council as the Partnerships Officer. I am also involved in several business lead positions including serving as the Chief of Staff to the Oxford Deep Tech Venture Council, Oxford X, and the 2024 European Dynamism Venture Tour.

In many ways, military operations are the origin of business strategy. We see it in the Art of War and in boardrooms across the globe today. The idea of taking what I learned as a military officer and applying it to the next chapter of my professional career excites me beyond anything I have done thus far.

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