An experience that exceeds expectations

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Ask anyone who has studied an Oxford Executive Diploma why they chose to join the programme and the answer you’ll get will typically cover off the following motivations:

  • a desire to accelerate their career
  • a need to bridge the gap(s) in their knowledge or capability
  • an opportunity to revitalise their mindset and refresh their approach
  • a chance to develop their global professional network.

If you’d ask me, my answer would probably fall into the second camp. I wanted to advance my ability to deliver practical solutions that could tackle global issues for our clients. To do this, I needed to bridge the gap in my knowledge and shift my mindset.

A localised perspective alone is no longer sufficient to innovate, advance our organisations and, ultimately, accelerate our careers. Equally, we cannot keep using the same old strategies and solutions to new, evolving and more sophisticated global issues.

This is why I chose to study the Oxford Executive Diploma in Global Business.

But how has it lived up to my main aim? And what has been the return on investment?

I can now tackle more complex challenges

The diploma programme has not only provided the knowledge I was missing to be competitive in the global business landscape but has also enhanced my ability to plan for and evaluate scenarios and refined my leadership approach when working across different cultures.

Since I own and manage a global learning and development consulting firm, I am now able to create more high-level training programmes to resolve more complex organisational issues for my clients.


I’ve strengthened my credibility and confidence

Since studying the diploma, I’ve noticed that I have a stronger sense of authority and credibility. I feel that my clients and colleagues trust me even more than before. This in turn has also helped to develop my confidence and pride – coupled with the fact that I achieved a Distinction at the end of the programme!

I’ve also been delighted to be welcomed back to Oxford Saïd to speak to the latest cohort of Executive Diploma in Global Business students, which has given me greater confidence knowing that the School believes in me and appreciates my involvement in the programme.

I’ve expanded my reach into new markets

Before I joined the programme, I knew I wanted to go global with my firm, and I can now say that I’ve achieved this thanks to my time at Oxford Saïd. I have been fortunate to expand my reach to other countries through the network of friendships I developed with my cohort peers, and I am able to deliver talks and training programmes which are appealing and highly valuable to a global audience as a result.

It’s now six years since I studied the Diploma in Global Business, and we are continuing to scale the firm, serving hundreds of clients from various sectors across different continents around the world. It’s hugely rewarding knowing that I am using my learnings every day to help teams to improve their personal and professional lives.

A lifetime of resources at my fingertips

It might have only been six years so far, but I firmly believe that the diploma programme will continue to support me in the long term and as a leader, whether this be through the connections formed with programme peers, the practical tools I’ve developed or inspirational insights I’ve gained from industry guest speakers.

When I began my studies, I had no idea that I would have lifelong access to such a wealth of resources. The whole experience has exceeded my expectations by far.

Thinking of studying an Oxford Diploma too?

By now you’re probably thinking: ‘what could the Diploma in Global Business mean for me?’ My message to you is simple: The sky’s the limit.

Believe in yourself, apply now and invest in your development, for only once you begin the programme will you realise the remarkable value it will bring to your life.

Executive Diploma in Global Business