An academic antidote: rejuvenating mentally and physically in Oxford

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Recently graduating from the Oxford Advanced Management and Leadership Programme at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, was not just an educational journey but a transformative experience. Led by Andrew White, the programme offered a blend of in-depth expert-led sessions and personal development opportunities, providing unique ways to collaborate and connect in a manner I hadn't experienced before.


This year marked a significant transition in my career; after taking a 3-year sabbatical, I took a big step from my career, primarily in film and television and founded Tribela, a new e-commerce and social media platform. Despite my two decades of management experience, building upon my leadership skills was crucial to manifest my vision for Tribela.

The programme, lasting one month at the executive education facility of Saïd Business School was more than an academic retreat. It was an antidote to the overwhelming sense of human disconnection I had felt since the pandemic. Immersing myself in this environment, surrounded by like-minded professionals, was exactly what I needed.


Our diverse cohort of 47 professionals from 23 countries added a rich, global perspective to our discussions. Sessions that particularly resonated with me included Jonathan Trevor's insights on strategic alignment and Mary-Louise Clark's exploration of psychometrics. Sacha Wunsch-Vincent enlightened us on global innovations, while Rachel Botsman challenged us to rethink trust. Mary Johnstone-Louis emphasised sustainability and impact in leadership, and Pinar Ozcan projected future business trends. A masterclass on immunity to change from Andrew White himself and Sarah Rozenthuler's dialogue on catalysing change was also a highlight.

A unique and unexpected transformative experience was the voice, vision, and vitality session with Karen Glossop and her team. It started as a musical theatre exercise but evolved into a profound journey of personal growth. 

Class standing under the bridge of sighs, Oxford

In addition to these enriching sessions, our time included wellness activities like nature walks, runs, meditation and fitness classes, all set in Oxford's historic grounds and beautiful buildings, as well as evening events hosted by various colleges. These activities provided a holistic learning experience that was mentally and physically rejuvenating.


The combination of these sessions, shared experiences and diverse viewpoints honed my leadership skills and reaffirmed my commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and sustainable impact with my own company, Tribela GmbH.

Returning to my daily life, I've taken time to digest all the learnings. With each new leadership challenge, I now have a more extensive toolkit to draw upon.

Reflecting on this chapter, I am grateful for the opportunity to learn among the best and for the personal growth and reconnection that came with it.

Oxford Advanced Management & Leadership Programme