Donors are physically represented in the spaces at Oxford Saïd


Our School benefits from donors that make their mark by naming spaces – their contributions are central to our success

Oxford is defined by its architecture. The ‘city of dreaming spires’ is known globally, and the University is the major contributor to the city’s skyline.

At Oxford Saïd this month we celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the opening of the West Wing extension, the Thatcher Business Education Centre, by then HRH Prince Charles, now King Charles III. We’re proud that our contribution to Oxford’s skyline, our distinctive ziggurat, is now an established feature, and one that’s instantly recognisable to our alumni.

The ziggurat is not only the symbol of the School, but also the emblem of the Rewley Fund – the vehicle through which our alumni give back. Named in honour of the 13th century place of learning, Rewley Abbey, upon which Oxford Saïd is built, it serves as a reminder of the scholarly tradition which we uphold.

The School is part of a tradition of creating places that are conducive to learning, reflection, and debate, and has a history of developing unique spaces that are both modern and fit for purpose, whilst reflecting academic traditions. As we look ahead with great excitement to the opening of the Global Leadership Centre in 2025, this space will also provide the up to date facilities required to deliver Executive Education at the highest level, whilst honouring the long and varied history of the building.

The generosity of many donors who have named spaces across our sites is central to our ability to strive to continuously improve outcomes, serve our students and alumni better, and raise our profile and reputation.

Their embeddedness within the School – whether that’s on a named space, our major benefactor wall in the main atrium, or in the Deans’ Cloister on the Giving Day Roll of Honour – reminds us how central philanthropy at all levels is to the School’s activities. The collective contributions of these donors have provided scholarships for talented students, enhanced the experience we’re able to offer to students and alumni and much more. 

It has absolutely been my honour to contribute to Saïd Business School... It was dream come true experience for me and I can’t thank SBS and University of Oxford enough. [Naming a seminar room] has indeed been a privilege for me and my family.

Feng Guo

MSc Management Research 2008

Through donations, our alumni and donors contribute to the success and growth of the School. Giving back has a meaningful impact, and by naming or being physically represented within a space our donors’ lifelong connection to the School is strengthened