The future of corporate reporting

Green Paper

Oxford Union debate

Should FASB and IASB be responsible for setting standards for nonfinancial information?

The goal of this Green Paper was to contribute, in a neutral way, to a conversation that has been going on for some time amongst a variety of actors, concerning whether mandatory reporting standards are a prerequisite for effective ‘sustainability’ or ‘nonfinancial’ corporate reporting.

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Oxford Union debate

Following the publication of the Green Paper, the question 'Should FASB and IASB be responsible for setting standards for nonfinancial information?' was debatated at the Oxford Union.

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Dinner speech Veronica Poole, Global IFRS Leader, Deloitte
(disclaimer: these are views in a personal capacity and not an official position of Deloitte)

White Paper

Charting the path to standards for nonfinancial information

Corporate accountability matters. It is the reason why - ever since the stock market crash of 1929 and the ensuing Great Depression - public corporations have filed financial statements. According to the Financial Accounting Foundation (FAF) 'Many market participants felt that poor accounting and reporting procedures helped cause the downturn.'

The White Paper was produced in response to the questions raised in the Green Paper, and by those in attendance at the Oxford Union Debate.

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Richard Barker calls for the EU and the IFRS Foundation to collaborate, as a matter of urgency, to mandate carbon reporting

Sustainability reporting

Oxford responds to IFRS Consultation on Sustainability Reporting

Directly citing the above green paper, trustees of the IFRS Foundation published a consultation paper in late 2020 exploring whether the Foundation should play a role in developing global sustainability standards. In response, Richard Barker, Vivienne Cox, Robert Eccles, Colin Mayer, Hiro Mizuno, Arunma Oteh, Paul Polman and Peter Tufano co-authored an open letter to the Chair of the Trustees, welcoming the Foundation’s initiative in consulting on this matter.

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