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Both our custom and open-enrolment programmes have Oxford University research at their core. Here, we offer thought leadership from academics from within Executive Education at Oxford Saïd who work with large and complex organisations and teach on our programmes.

Talk to us about how they may help reframe or transform the internal and external contexts in which your organisation operates.

Thought leadership papers

From Ego to Eco: Leadership for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Leaders are under scrutiny like never before. In a world which appears to be changing fast and in unpredictable ways, leaders have to make sense of the context people are working in, and to lead their people and organisations to respond effectively. This is no easy task; to lead today requires a rich and varied set of skills and capabilities. Written by Jon Stokes, Associate Scholar, and Sue Dopson, Professor of Organisational Behaviour, this paper defines the nature of these challenges and sets out the necessary leadership capabilities needed.

The CEO Report on Cyber Resilience

With the ever-increasing threat of cyberattacks, cybersecurity risk has become a top concern for business leaders. Despite increasing spending on cybersecurity, the number of serious incidents continues to rise and even large companies are not immune. This requires CEOs to shift their mindset. Recognising they need to prepare for when - not if - an attack happens, their focus broadens from cybersecurity to cyber resilience.

How do they anticipate, withstand, respond and adapt to cyberattacks while minimising impact, expediting recovery and emerging stronger? These are questions CEOs cannot leave entirely to their Chief Information Officers or Chief Information Security Officers. They must make them top of their own agenda.

We partnered with ISTARI, a Temasek-founded global cybersecurity firm, to conduct in depth interviews with 37 CEOs for this first-of-its-kind study about cyber risk. The CEO Report on Cyber Resilience explores the need for a shift beyond cybersecurity defence to creating cyber resilience.

Strategic learning and development in professional service firms

The business model of professional services is rapidly evolving; new technologies, changing competitive landscapes and complex client requirements are just some factors changing how firms fundamentally operate. Saïd Business School and Meridian West have co-authored an award-winning series of papers to answer the most important strategic questions on the agenda of professional services today.


The CEO Report: Embracing paradoxes of leadership

How do senior executives develop the skills they need to lead in a changing world? To answer that question, we partnered with executive search firm Heidrick & Struggles to speak to 152 CEOs representing a wide range of sectors around the world to create a comprehensive paper.

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