Leading Disruptive Growth

Developing visionary leaders who embrace disruption as a force for growth


  • 5 days

Time commitment:

  • Short programme


  • Oxford


  • £7,500

About the programme

A programme designed to inspire senior leaders with responsibility for leading growth through disruption.

For leaders who are focused on the future of their business, disruption can be perceived as a threat. But for visionary leaders who take a proactive stance and take time to get out ahead of some of the disruptive forces affecting markets and industries, disruption can be a real opportunity.

Over the course of the programme you will discover, discuss and reflect on the forces of change and disruption within organisations, industries and the world. Supported by the faculty and your peers, you will turn these into new and unique opportunities for leading business growth and creating value for today’s and tomorrow’s customers.

The Leading Disruptive Growth programme draws on University of Oxford research and insight on the human elements of digital disruption and transformation through the lenses of leadership, culture, strategy and change. We then combine this with cutting edge research and thought leadership on current and future digital technologies, and the opportunities that they present to businesses.

This unique approach equips leaders with an understanding not only of the future direction of their organisation, but with an enhanced ability to strategically lead successful and responsible change.

Led by Oxford Saïd’s Associate Dean of Research and L’Oréal Professor of Marketing, Andrew Stephen, the programme is supported by senior faculty members from across the University of Oxford, as well as thought leaders engaged in the Oxford Future of Marketing Initiative and industry experts from across the world.

Introduction to the programme


To you

  • Discover unique opportunities for delivering growth through disruptive technologies
  • Translate your vision into a robust and stress-tested action plan to lead strategy
  • Gain unparalleled access to University of Oxford faculty and influential industry leaders
  • Deepen your understanding of how to lead change and develop culture to support your disruptive growth strategy
  • Lifetime membership of the Oxford Business Alumni Network

To your organisation

  • Develop a culture of innovation that embraces disruption as an opportunity for growth
  • Deliver successful and responsible growth led by ethical leadership and decision making
  • Attend the programme in teams from your organisation to develop a shared enthusiasm for, and understanding of, the disruptive strategy
  • Expand your ecosystem and network through a geographically and industrially diverse participant group


Module 1 - The imperative for disruptive growth

Based on the latest thinking from key industry experts and world-leading research you will discover the opportunities and challenges that exist across industry sectors and in the world more broadly and consider how they could impact your ability to lead growth in your organisation.

Module 2 - Leading your organisation into the future

Challenge your assumptions and think critically about the plausible futures for your organisation and develop your ideas for approaches to disruptive growth. Explore the leadership capabilities you’ll need to develop in order to support this paradigm shift.

Module 3 - Re-imagining strategy and culture

Consider how your organisational strategy might change considering your disruptive growth ambitions and formulate new ideas on how to deliver on your objectives. Then develop a robust framework to ensure that this is this aligned with your purpose and supported by your organisational capabilities. 

Module 4 - Engaging with stakeholders to deliver

Gain perspective on the needs of your key stakeholders whether that be the board, investors, or your senior team. Deliver a stress-tested action plan that has been debated and challenged through deep and insightful discussions between your peers and the faculty in a safe, risk-free environment.


Lifetime membership of the Oxford Business Alumni Network.

Is the programme right for you?

The programme attracts senior executives from a range of organisations, based all over the world.

The programme is designed for senior leaders who are responsible for leading growth within their organisation, in particular:

  • Senior leaders within large established companies who need to reinvent their organisation's approach to growth
  • Senior entrepreneurs within successful start-ups looking to scale their business
  • Senior leaders within SME’s seeking to explore new opportunities for growth both regionally, nationally and internationally
  • Senior public officials seeking to better understand how to respond to changing environments and stakeholder demands and expectations
  • Senior leaders within NGO’s needing to understand how to lead growth and impact for their stakeholders through disruptive technologies

Industries will include, but are not limited to: financial services, technology, health care, education, utilities, government, non-profits; and professional service firms, including law firms and accounting.

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Joining the programme



Programme fee: £7,500

Confirmation of attendance is subject to receipt of full payment of the programme fee, and places are allocated in order of receipt of payment.

Corporate privileges

Take advantage of our corporate partner rate (15%) if three or more people from your organisation take part.

Further benefits for organisations are available when three or more participants attend one of our executive programmes within 12 months.

Meet the faculty

The programme is led by Professor Andrew Stephen, one of the world’s leading academic marketing experts with a particular emphasis on issues that lie at the intersection of marketing and technology; and supported by industry experts and faculty from the wider University.

Meet the speakers

The programme also brings in industry experts from global brands to talk about their expertise and experiences. Last iterations speakers included: 

  • Julie Kollman
  • Geoff Skingsley
  • Marc de Swaan Arnos

The CEO Report

In partnership with Heidrick & Struggles.

How do senior executives develop the skills they need to lead in a changing world?

To answer that question, we partnered with executive search firm Heidrick & Struggles to speak to 152 CEOs representing a wide range of sectors around the world. Assured of their anonymity, these senior executives reflected openly on their leadership challenges and experiences. Taken together, the interviews underscore the ways in which the role of senior executive is changing, and point to the capabilities that can help today’s leaders - and tomorrow’s - thrive in a business environment marked by uncertainty and disruption.

CEOs routinely speak of the pressure today’s pace of change imposes on them, citing factors such as disruptive new competitors and new market channels, often digital. Anticipating how, when, and why different contexts may interact to disrupt an organisation requires leaders to develop 'ripple intelligence,' as well as the ability to harness doubt more effectively in order to improve decision making.

FT rankings 2020

Our Open Programmes have risen to number two in the world, and maintained their position as first in the UK for the sixth consecutive year in the 2020 FT Executive Education Rankings.

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