Student clubs


Clubs are a co-curricular activity providing you with an opportunity to shape yourself as a thought leader in your chosen industries or areas of interest.

You can initiate and participate in clubs throughout the academic year, with the chance to propose new clubs or nominate yourself to continue the management of an existing club during Michaelmas term.

In the academic year 2023-24, there are 17 student clubs led by Oxford MBAs. 


This club aims to foster cultural exchange among members, grow closer as representatives of their countries and facilitate dialogue on pertinent ASEAN issues.

All members will have access to regular social events to get better acquainted. In addition, the club will organise case readings to discuss our thoughts on ASEAN and learn about initiatives undertaken by ASEAN to benefit the region.

Members will gain a different perspective on how other ASEAN countries deal with domestic and international issues, learn more about fostering unity within Southeast Asia, and the potential things that the younger generation can do to cooperate on issues in the years to come. 

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This club aims to enrich Oxford's community by showcasing Asia's diverse cultures, facilitating networking for Asia-focused business topics and establishing a robust Saïd Asian alumni network.

The club organises traditional Asian holiday celebrations, social gatherings, movie nights and games sessions. They also arrange speaker sessions to discuss the future of business in Asia and provide networking opportunities for MBA students interested in Asian business landscapes.

Members gain a deep understanding and appreciation of Asian cultures and business trends. They'll also benefit from networking opportunities, both within the MBA cohort and the broader Oxford community.

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Business careers in sport            

With a combined background and passion for sport this club aims to promote sport as a career springboard and a means for personal growth. Another key objective is to work towards creating a clear pathway from the MBA to the sports industry.

They host a series of exciting activities and initiatives to promote business and professional possibilities within sport. Initiatives include speakers, from sports executives to athletes turned entrepreneurs, discussion panels with sportspeople striving for equal female and male representation and networking events.

They attract inspirational thought leaders to discuss their experiences and share tips for breaking into the field.

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Consumer goods, retail and e-commerce  

This club aims to build a community of students to share experiences, ideas and networking opportunities. This is through peer knowledge sharing, speaker sessions, social gatherings, excursions and treks.

Members explore the industry through knowledge sharing and networking, build a network of individuals with similar interests, engage with industry professionals, and get guidance on career paths within the industry. Members also have access to exclusive competitions, conferences, speaker sessions and other events happening within and outside the Oxford realm.

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Family business and office circle  

This club aims to build a lifelong network of like-minded individuals from family business, family office and investing backgrounds, or those interested in family business and family offices.

They facilitate discussions within the Oxford Saïd community and the wider University of Oxford, including increasing interaction with the alumni network, different programmes across Saïd Business School, and other business schools to build a network of family businesses across the world.

Diversity is important to the club, which hopes to bring together a diverse group from varying backgrounds, skill sets and experiences. Members access to a range of events, including speakers' series, company visits, informal discussions and networking sessions.

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This club aims to unite and support members' careers in the industry through Fintech landscape knowledge building, company events, networking sessions and job-sharing opportunities.

Their increase engagements and events such as the ‘Fintech Trek’ in London, visiting up to three fintech company offices, and hosting a larger fintech event at the School.

Members have access to a bi-weekly newsletter, networking opportunities with other business schools, and a variety of additional benefits to suit those who are already in the industry and those who would like to join.

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Government relations

This club cultivates a vibrant community of students dedicated to bridging the gap between the business world and government, fostering an environment where the two meaningfully and effectively complement each other.

Their focus is on a ‘Problem driven iterative adaptation approach for systems change’ event during Michaelmas, a ‘Shaping tomorrow's business leaders in the changing public sector landscape’ panel discussion in Hilary, and various collaborations with other clubs and OBNs for Trinity.

Members have exclusive access to networking and collaboration by connecting MBAs, alumni, faculty, and industry professionals. They will also receive guidance on innovation and adaptation, by making sure members are prepared to navigate and influence the rapidly changing landscape of public-private partnership collaboration. They have access to leadership and development training, equipping them with the skills, confidence and vision to meaningfully contribute to the global economy in collaboration with government leaders.

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This club is open to those interested in learning more about the world of healthcare, irrespective of experience in the sector.

They optimise the opportunities available at the wider University of Oxford and works with other clubs and OBNs (Oxford Business Networks) to discuss the intersections of healthcare.

Membership allows you to explore a holistic view of the industry. In finance, healthcare investments are the fastest-growing area post-pandemic. In consulting, firms are rapidly growing their healthcare teams, and in the entrepreneurial stream, health tech and medical innovation are not showing any signs of slowing down.

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This club brings together Oxford's Indian diaspora and Oxford Saïd community to collaborate, create opportunities, celebrate diversity and explore the richness of India.

They organise cultural events, collaborative projects and networking sessions. Content includes articles, videos, and virtual experiences that highlight India's diversity, culture, and opportunities for collaboration within the Oxford community.

Members experience enriched cultural connections, expanded networks through collaboration and an increased understanding of India's diversity. The activities contribute to both personal and professional growth.

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The club’s mission is to foster a dynamic community dedicated to advancing business interests in the Latin American region. 

Their focus is on a speaker series inviting industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and experts to share insights and experiences related to business in Latin America; cultural events celebrating Latin American culture through food tastings, dance workshops, parties, and other activities; and collaborative sessions with other student clubs to organise joint events or initiatives focused on cross-cultural understanding and business opportunities.

Speakers provide valuable insights into Latin American markets, offering members a nuanced understanding of industry trends and challenges. Cultural events foster cross-cultural understanding to enrich members' cultural fluency, preparing them to succeed in the interconnected world of Latin American business.

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Luxury and marketing club

This club shares expertise in consumer retail, fashion, beauty, and marketing and aims to bridge the gap between the Oxford Saïd community and dynamic industries, fostering life-long connections that every student and alumni can access.

They aim to generate effective networking opportunities among fellow members with relevant brands, to embrace and learn about the technologies redefining the industry, and to lead the conversations around social and sustainable change. They also explore Asian and African consumer markets.

Members have access on and off-campus events to connect with industry leaders and understand how to land a role in the luxury or marketing; opportunities to interact and socialise over shared passions in luxury, marketing and retail; and thought leadership initiatives on key concepts and themes in luxury marketing. They facilitate a community in which people of all backgrounds can engage. 

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Morality, ethics and business    

This club provides an open and constructive forum where members can share their opinions and experiences, and learn from others' perspectives, regarding morality, ethics, and business. 

They hold discussion groups where students can share their experiences and perspectives. They also arrange meetings with guest speakers and partner with organisations in the wider university community to enhance perspectives. 

Members’ collective influence and perspectives have the potential to solve moral and ethical issues, particularly those that are business-related, around the world.

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This club fosters a space to connect with the LGBTQ+ community at Oxford Saïd, provides the opportunity to engage with students from across the globe, and facilitates the journey of sending its members into inclusive business environments where they can lead effectively. 

They bring diversity across a panel of speakers at the School by collaborating with other clubs, OBNs, and the administration. They also want to provide LGBTQ+ relevant seminars on sexual health, safety, and mental health and will focus on hosting fun events for the club.

They create an inclusive space for allies, people who may not be visible or out, and people who have not interacted with the queer community before to ensure their space brings joy to all members.

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This club empowers aspiring product leaders by fostering strategic networking, skill development and interview preparation, bridging the gap in support for successful career transitions. 

They adopt a multifaceted approach by curating insightful alumni keynotes and presentations, and shedding light on industry trends and developments. They focus on skills development that manifests through carefully designed workshops. They are also committed to facilitating one-to-one interview preparation sessions with seasoned industry professionals.

Members are empowered through the support that is available, providing a comprehensive and dynamic platform where they can acquire knowledge, build valuable connections, and develop the skills necessary for thriving in product-centric careers.

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Real Estate

Real estate is everywhere, providing the setting for all human activity. This reality underpins the club’s goal to facilitate group debates as future leaders on how the built environment and physical world are used for more opportunities, equity, and societal reform.

They focus on demonstrating best practices for collaborating with stakeholders from different backgrounds and will present how real estate is adopting ESG (environmental, social, and governance) and DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion).

Members have access to work opportunities and career paths in the industry. Plus, industry practitioners, companies, and institutions operating in the sector, as well as attend real estate-oriented events and forums hosted within the University of Oxford and more broadly.

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Social finance

This club brings together like-minded people to focus on skills building, industry knowledge and exploring career pathways in impact or finance roles.  

They focus on three areas:

  1. An investment lifecycle learning series, diving deeper into the nuances of various stages in an investment lifecycle.
  2. An understanding of career pathways - specifically various days on the job in different roles. 
  3. Bringing together peers to learn about various topics like impact measurement, gender-lens investing or financial inclusion. 

Members from within and outside the social finance sphere, those pivoting from traditional finance or impact roles, and new explorers to the field will gain tailored insights, mentorship, and first-hand experiences crucial for transitioning into social finance. 

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Venture capital  

Venture capital is one of the most critical pillars in the technology ecosystem as it acts as the driving force behind innovation. The club aims to cultivate awareness and offer career opportunities within the venture capital industry.

They use both new and established networks to engage venture capital professionals, leading companies, and recruiters, aligning with their objectives to facilitate education, networking, and recruitment.

Members can explore diverse career paths within the venture capital landscape, while strategically positioning themselves for recruitment. Additionally, they build networks with top investors, fostering invaluable connections and insights into the industry.

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