Military Veterans Club

This is a club for all current, past and future Saïd Business School students with military, civilian security, law enforcement or defence sector experience. We particularly welcome veterans from non-Western countries as well as female veterans. 

We have three goals: 

  1. To facilitate our members’ career transitions by creating stronger relationships with veteran-friendly employers and providing additional career support.
  2. To connect members with each other to create a wider and stronger network.
  3. To make the Saïd Business School more veteran friendly and provide a better Oxford Saïd experience for its members. 

Membership is free and voluntary. 

We have a lot to offer to veterans. If you'd like to know more about our club and activities, or would appreciate support with your application, get in touch with our Military Veterans representative.

From the military to an Oxford MBA


Each year, a small but consistent percentage of MBA and Executive MBA candidates join us from the military, security and defence sectors. But what makes a soldier decide they need lessons in business, and can an MBA really be as useful in NATO as it is in the corporate boardroom? 

Why the Oxford MBA could be right for you

Salvatore Dell'Aversano

'My time in the Army has given me a huge wealth of experiences and leadership opportunities in the most challenging circumstances. But it wasn’t until I came to Oxford Saïd that I started to gain an appreciation for how my military skills could be an asset in civilian jobs. It wasn’t just about filling skill gaps – it was about translation and reapplication of my expertise.

Being at a school that appreciates the role that veterans play and the perspectives they can bring to the class has been incredibly important on my journey, and I am grateful that Oxford Saïd recognizes this value, selecting for the MBA over a dozen veterans from across the world in my cohort alone.'

Read about what led Oxford Saïd Military Veterans Club representative Salvatore to the Oxford MBA.

A culture of honour: from West Point to Oxford


The first African American from the United States Military Academy at West Point to be selected for the Rhodes Scholarship, Christian Nattiel’s route to Oxford University is a story of determination, discipline and selflessness.

From the CIA to Silicon Valley via an Oxford MBA


Each year, MBA students at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford organise treks across the globe with support from the Careers team.

For Christopher Schildt, a former CIA operative with a passion for tech who enrolled at Oxford to improve his knowledge of the private sector, the choice of destination was obvious: California’s legendary Silicon Valley, an expanse of the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California made famous by its high concentration of tech companies.

Case studies and Battlefield studies


After serving in the British Army as an Infantry Officer for nearly 17 years and completing 5 operational tours, Ollie Ormiston joined the Oxford MBA class of 2018-19. After deciding it was time to find fresh challanges, Ollie wanted to transfer his military experience into skills and language that are useful in the private sector. Read about his view on MBA life post-military via the Oxford MBA student blog.

Uncharted Waters: Military Strategy meets Business


During her time in the US Coast Guard, Victoria Gurtler served as a Weapons Officer, Commanding Officer, and after joining the US Coast Guard's Office of International Affairs and Foreign Policy, she was selected for special assignment to the Commandant of the US Coast Guard and his International Engagement Lead. This led to a promotion as Commandant's Chief of Staff and serving as a Military Social Aide to two US Presidents. Victoria retired from military service to pursue her MBA at Oxford Saïd.

'In many ways, military operations are the origin of business strategy. We see it in the Art of War and in boardrooms across the globe today. The idea of taking what I learned as a military officer and applying it to the next chapter of my professional career excites me beyond anything I have done thus far.'

Application fee waiver

If you are interested in applying to Saïd Business School, our veteran community are keen to help you. Contact our current Veteran's Rep or MBA Recruitment & Admissions Manager dedicated to our military applicants.

We can also provide an application fee waiver code for all military applicants. In your introduction email, please outline your nationality, service and any other information which can help us provide personalised feedback.