My focus on sustainable finance

1 minute read

I come from a finance background, having spent seven years working in global asset management, primarily on emerging market investments. The main appeals of Oxford Saïd for me was the focus on sustainability and the diversity of the class. When you come to the Oxford MBA, it’s a breath of fresh air – you meet so many amazing people. I’m looking to meet people from outside my industry and to gain different perspectives from my classmates that will challenge my assumptions.

My experience has shown me that the financial industry can be reluctant to make impactful, long-term investments and that at times, environment, social and governance (ESG) endeavours are just a marketing exercise. To contribute to a company, I think you need to be a lateral thinker – that’s a skill that the Oxford MBA can help me to develop.

On completion of my MBA, I hope to return to the finance industry with new perspectives and leadership skills to drive change from within – working to create impact and persuade asset managers that investing in long-term, sustainability-focussed projects is a worthwhile endeavour.

I’m grateful to have received the Rewley Scholarship and am keen to share what I’ve learned about institutional challenges in the finance industry from my career so far with my classmates.

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