Promoting innovation and creativity through nurturing women in technology

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The role of women in technology has long been a topic of discussion, with many citing the industry's lack of diversity as a major concern.

Despite efforts to encourage more women to pursue careers in STEM fields, women remain underrepresented in tech jobs. In fact, according to the National Centre for Women and Information Technology, women make up just 26% of the computing workforce.

This underrepresentation has serious consequences, not just for women themselves, but for the tech industry and society as a whole. Women bring unique perspectives and skills to the table, and without their contributions, the tech industry risks becoming stagnant and uncreative. That's why it's important to nurture women in technology and provide them with the support and opportunities they need to succeed.

As a woman who has been part of this minority for nearly two decades, I have seen first-hand the challenges that women face. From sexism and bias to lack of mentorship and support, the barriers to entry for women in tech can be overwhelming. However, I have also seen the incredible contributions that women can make when given the chance. That's why I am making it my mission to inspire and mentor young women in the tech industry and help close the gender gap.

My own journey – starting in a picturesque small baroque town at the southernmost tip of Sicily, called Ragusa – has been shaped by strong female role models (and one very important man) who instilled in me a love for languages, cultures, and education. My grandmother – a fierce orphaned Libyan who immigrated to Italy and inspired me to pursue the love for languages and cultures; my late mother – who worked her way through high school to support her family and taught me how to navigate through life’s difficulties; my primary school teacher – who recognised and nurtured my love for the written word at a very early age (I had won four consecutive national poetry awards by the age of eleven); and my late father – who, through sacrifice, gave me the opportunities (he didn’t have) that brought me to where I stand today.

Inspired by these role models, I intend to use my Postgraduate Diploma in Strategy and Innovation from Saïd Business School to play my part in closing the gender gap and promoting diversity in tech. The programme will provide me with the skills and knowledge I need to be an effective leader and mentor, not just for the women on my team, but for women across the tech industry.

Nurturing women in technology is so important because it helps create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. When women are represented at all levels of an organisation, from entry-level positions to executive roles, it sends a message that diversity is valued and that everyone's contributions are important. This not only leads to a more positive and productive work environment, but it also helps to attract and retain top talent.

Moreover, nurturing women in technology is important because it helps create role models and inspire the next generation of women in tech. When young girls see women in leadership positions and thriving in the tech industry, it sends a message that they too can succeed in this field. By providing mentorship and support to young women, we can help to break down the barriers that prevent them from pursuing careers in tech.

As a woman who has experienced first-hand the challenges and rewards of working in the tech industry, I firmly believe it’s our job to continue to foster diversity and innovation in this field. By supporting and encouraging the next generation of the female workforce, we can work towards breaking down the barriers that prevent them from pursuing careers in this field and help create a more inclusive and diverse workplace. Together, we can inspire and empower more women to thrive in technology and pave the way for a brighter and more equitable future.

Oxford Executive Diploma in Strategy and Innovation