Learning is a lifelong journey

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In February 2023, life gave me an opportunity to become an innovation manager at the Hungarian Research Network (HUN-REN) Office for Supported Research Groups, where I have started working with world-class researchers setting high standards for myself.

Learning is a lifelong journey so I decided to look for a course that would help me especially in this early stage of my life, where my motivation is all about gaining experience and learning as much as possible, in order to grow not only professionally, but personally as well. The Oxford Entrepreneurship: Venture Finance Programme led by Professor Thomas Hellmann at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford was the perfect choice.

In this blog, I will provide an overview of the programme, sharing why I decided to choose it, as well as outlining my goals. Additionally, I will delve into the key points covered by the course including insights into the online learning experience and the valuable networking opportunities it provided.

Mirroring the high standards set by Oxford’s reputation

My overall impression of the content was overwhelmingly positive. Over the eight weeks, the programme offered a comprehensive and insightful exploration of venture finance, examining the viewpoints of both the entrepreneur and the investor in order to provide a 'two hats' perspective. This seamlessly aligned with my role as an innovation manager at the HUN-REN Office for Supported Research Groups.

The specialized expertise in financial modelling, communication strategies with investors and the evaluation of investment opportunities exceeded my expectations. These experiences have become a cornerstone in guiding researchers and offering them solutions in presenting their ideas to potential investors. My understanding of venture finance has significantly enhanced through the programme, providing me with a comprehensive toolkit for navigating the complexities of the research landscape. The content delved into the complexity of market dynamics, funding cycles and evaluation of investment opportunities, offering practical insights that can directly applied in my role.

The online learning experience was exceptional, mirroring the high standards set by Oxford's reputation. The dynamic learning methods, including quizzes, submissions and coursework, not only honed my critical skills in venture finance, but also made the entire process enjoyable. As someone deeply involved in fostering innovation, this knowledge will undoubtedly be instrumental in supporting researchers from universities and research institutions, translating their various inventions into tangible benefits for humanity.

The online support was crucial in overcoming challenges and ensuring a rewarding learning experience. The guidance from our tutors and the participation in open forums provided a valuable resource for tackling assessments and navigating the coursework.

More than a simple education

Meeting and networking with my tutors and my fellow participants in the virtual realm added a dynamic layer to the overall learning journey. The diversity of backgrounds and perspectives enriched the discussions, providing a real-world context to the venture finance concepts explored in the Programme. The connections forged during this experience have not only enhanced my understanding of the topic but have also expanded my network, creating valuable relationships that extend into the realm of innovation management.

An experience I will never forget

The programme is a highly recommended experience for anyone eager to bridge the gap between theory and real-world application in the dynamic realms of venture finance and innovation management.

To describe the whole experience I would say it is just more than a simple education. In the words of Kobe Bryant: 'It is not the destination, it is the journey. A journey where you will not accomplish any of your dreams. Your dreams will not come true, something greater will'.

Ready for the next challenge

After successfully finishing the programme, I have decided to continue my learning journey by taking the Oxford Entrepreneurship: Venture Creation Programme. My goal is to truly understand the whole process of entrepreneurship and be able to help the world-class Hungarian researchers to achieve their dreams.

To close my blog, I hope I will have a chance to meet my tutors and my fellow participants personally from both Programme to keep up the good elumni network we built at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.

Oxford Entrepreneurship: Venture Finance Programme