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Submission guidelines

What is Oxford Answers?

Oxford Answers is the digital insight portal of the University of Oxford Saïd Business School catering to global executives and business practitioners.

We translate research into practical insights that business leaders can apply to their organisations. By taking a pragmatic approach to academic thought leadership, we aim to deliver industry knowledge that has a meaningful impact on real-world business practices.

Our readers expect: 

  • Topics that are relevant to current business practice and timely 
  • Writing that is clear, smart, and succinct 
  • Ideas and insights that have real-world implications and applications  

Some publications are satisfied with making their readers think. We also want to prepare our readers to take action.

What are we looking for?

Oxford Answers is committed to publishing opinions from a diverse community, from academics to industry professionals with a relationship to Saïd Business School and/or the University of Oxford. If you are knowledgeable and experienced in your field, we are interested to hear from you.

We are looking for business-related opinion pieces and practical insights, supported by references, of approximately 500-750 words.

We also have a specific area dedicated to ‘World Challenges’ where discussion on the most pressing global issues at the interface of business and society takes place. If you have an opinion related to these global challenges, or the UN Sustainable Development Goals and their impact on business, please do get in touch.

As we are a digital-only platform, we welcome contributions in varied forms of medium including video, audio, podcasts and infographics (subject to style changes).

How to submit

Email the editorial team at oxford.answers@sbs.ox.ac.uk with a brief pitch including the following:

  • Contact details including email and phone number
  • Who you are and why you are qualified to write on this subject
  • Outline of the central argument of your proposed piece
  • What area of Oxford Answers your content fits under

Please note that formal acceptance of a piece will not take place until it has been written and through our editorial process.

Terms and conditions

Anything published on Oxford Answers that is not original content should be flagged as such when submitted and will appear accordingly on the site. We will, on occasion, consider content published elsewhere first but this must be made clear.

Oxford Answers retains exclusive publication rights of anything original you submit to us, though you will retain copyright of the ideas/thoughts behind the article.

All content from outside the Saïd Business School’s Faculty will be subject to an internal approval process.

We reserve the right to have final say over the content that is published on Oxford Answers. You will be consulted throughout the editorial process and have the right to pull your content before publication if you are not happy with the final product.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Oxford Answers Editorial Team