Toward a global stakeholder capitalism

About the event

The final of Hilary term's R:ETRO - Reputation: Ethics, Trust, and Relationships at Oxford - seminar series.

Ed Freeman, University Professor; Elis and Signe Olsson Professor of Business Administration, University of Virginia will be the guest speaker for a seminar being hosted by Alan Morrison, Professor of Law and Finance at Saïd Business School, and Rita Mota, International Research Fellow at Saïd Business School and Assistant Professor at ESADE Business School, as part of the R:ETRO seminar series - Reputation: Ethics, Trust, and Relationships at Oxford.

The purpose of this talk is to delineate four ways to understand the movement to stakeholder capitalism that is emerging around the world.

There are important differences in how this crucial idea is being understood, or often, misunderstood. In addition, there are five underlying issues that must be addressed by any revision to the dominant story of business. The challenges involved in these five issues are substantial and call for new methods for business and business schools.