Fundraising priorities

Philanthropy is key to enabling Oxford Saïd to advance as one of the world’s leading business schools. The School has identified four core areas for philanthropic support:

Rewley Fund

Every gift to Oxford Saïd is important and valued.

This unrestricted fund supports the School's core priorities, offers student support, and funds scholarships. Unrestricted gifts are vital because they allow us flexibility in allocating funds where they are most needed or in seizing unforeseen opportunities.



The world needs talented, educated people in businesses and institutions. Scholarships ensure that the best students, regardless of their financial background, can benefit from an Oxford Saïd education. We also use scholarships to attract students from groups and from parts of the world that are currently under-represented in our community. 

In particular, we are focused on supporting scholarships for women and for students from Africa. This reflects our commitment to gender parity and to fostering a community that is truly global and which has representatives from all over the world and from different sectors. 

We welcome both full and partial year scholarships and aim to increase the number of our scholarships that are endowed in perpetuity.

Having applied what I learnt at Oxford Saïd into the real world has made a huge difference to my career. It is also an absolute honour to be able to provide the same opportunity to young Nigerians through the Oxford-Grace Lake scholarship scheme.

Ladi Delano

Chief Executive Officer of Grace Lake Partners

Research and teaching


Research and teaching seeks to increase our knowledge of the world, providing new perspectives on major topics in business and society. It also suggests ways in which practitioners and policymakers can effect positive change. 

New academic posts

We are seeking funding for new posts in academic areas where we are expanding our teaching and research. Our target is that each new post should be funded for at least five years, if not endowed in perpetuity.

Real Estate

There has never been a full-time academic appointed to lead real estate teaching and research activities at Oxford. Funding a professorship would establish real estate as an area of serious academic enquiry.

African Business

Despite the surge of economic and social growth in Africa, business and management on the continent remains relatively under-researched. We aim to establish an academic post focused on African Business, to set a compelling research and teaching agenda, deepen professional networks across the continent, and attract excellent students from Africa.

Existing academic posts

In order to retain our world-leading faculty members and attract more high-quality academics, we are seeking funding to endow faculty posts in both finance and management studies.

Oxford Endowment Challenge Fund

The University has established the Oxford University Endowment Challenge Fund to encourage donors to support existing faculty posts. It will provide matched funding on a 2:1 ratio (£2 from a donor matched by £1 from University funds).

We deal with real companies, real problems. And even though we think at an academic, theoretical level, we really want to make a difference in how the world operates.

Michael Smets

Professor of Management, Saïd Business School



Entrepreneurial thinking, whether within established organisations or start-ups, is key to innovation. Entrepreneurs seek out resources and combine them in new ways to solve a variety of problems. Oxford Saïd supports students from across the whole university in developing the skills, attitudes and qualities needed to think differently and make an impact.

Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship

Our goal is to maximise the impact of social entrepreneurship to transform unjust or unsatisfactory systems or practices around the world and address critical social and environmental challenges.

Creative Destruction Lab

Our mission is to accelerate the commercialisation of science for the betterment of humankind. CDL-Oxford is a non-profit organisation that delivers an objective-based mentoring programme for massively scalable, seed stage, science and technology-based companies in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Health, FinTech and Climate. 

The CDL Student Programme is designed to expose students to the world of entrepreneurship and provide an opportunity to interact with early-stage, science-based companies. Students work with technical founders admitted to the Creative Destruction Lab programme (CDL) on bespoke projects. The programme introduces students to the context, decision-making principles, and practices of equity investing for supporting the growth and development of early-stage high-potential technology ventures.

Entrepreneurship Centre

The Entrepreneurship Centre supports and enables entrepreneurship across the Oxford Saïd student body. We offer a variety of programmes for all Oxford University students, alumni and staff, designed with the aim of fostering entrepreneurial learning and connection across the University.

The Oxford Seed Fund is looking for additional funding. Supported by the Entrepreneurship Centre and managed by an international team including current MBA students, it invests in up to two Oxford-affiliated startups each year and provides them with the network and support they need to scale. 

Buildings and environment

The University of Oxford is defined by its architecture, and Saïd Business School is part of a tradition of creating places that are conducive to learning, reflection, and debate. Your support can help ensure that we continue to provide our students with world-class facilities and a sustainable and high-quality built environment. 


Global Leadership Centre

Leadership – of global business, government, and civil society – is key to creating the future that we want for the world. We need individuals who can disrupt traditional assumptions about what business is for and what it cares about, who can think long-term and system-wide, and who can bring people and organisations along with them to effect a global transformation.

We are redeveloping the Osney Power Station into the Global Leadership Centre to enhance and expand our existing leadership teaching and executive education facilities.

A generous gift from Saïd Business School’s naming founder, Wafic Saïd, has made the building project possible. Further funds are needed to enrich the teaching facilities and environment, and to ensure that the Centre is a hub for world-class and world-changing leadership development.

Lecture theatres, classrooms and seminar rooms

There are opportunities to name spaces within both the Global Leadership Centre and the School’s main building on Park End Street. Donors may choose to give individually or collaboratively to reflect personal or organisational values or to honour an individual.