Kazbi Soonawalla

Senior Research Fellow in Accounting

Saïd Business School
University of Oxford
Park End Street


Kazbi's particular expertise is in financial reporting.

She has examined issues such as disclosure requirements under various accounting standards to understand the factors that make for greater levels of compliance; she has also investigated the effectiveness of requirements for greater disclosure in relation to forecasts made by equity analysts and investors.

From 2002-13, Kazbi was Lecturer in Accounting at the London School of Economics, where she also directed the MSc Accounting and Finance Programme from 2011–13. She has a BA in Economics and Mathematics from Boston University, an MS (Statistics), MA (Economics) and PhD (Business) from Stanford University; her PhD dissertation was on Financial Reporting for Interests in Joint Ventures.


Key research areas:

  • Determinants and valuation implications of imperfect stock option disclosures
  • Do analyst earnings forecast revisions and bank stock returns reflect unrealised changes in investments fair values?
  • Are fair values of financial assets and liabilities associated with operating cash flows? (with M Barth and S Sridharan)



Shared auditors in private lending(opens in new window)

  • Journal article
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Kazbi has presented at various conferences and meetings.

Kazbi has presented papers at the European Accounting Association Annual meeting and at Columbia University, Emory Univsity, the London School of Economics, London Business School, Oxford University, University of California at Berkeley, University of Lancaster and the University of Washington. She has also participated in a number of conferences on accounting and finance, including the LSE/Manchester Business School Conference, the Journal of Business Finance and Accounting Capital Markets Conference and the Journal of Accounting and Economics Conference, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Kazbi teaches on the Finals Accounting elective; she also gives first-year general management tutorials and GOTO tutorials.

She provides project supervision for the Oxford Diploma in Financial Strategy. At LSE, she taught on Financial Reporting in Capital Markets and Business Combinations as well as Accounting in the Global Economy. She has also taught on Executive Education programmes covering business analysis, valuation and accounting.

Kazbi’s classes and tutorials are designed to be interactive and to encourage members of the class to participate and share their thoughts and ideas. Her aim is to make students informed users of accounting information, whether as external investors and users or internally, as preparers of financial statements or as decision- and policy-makers. She encourages students to enjoy mapping accounting information to the underlying economics driving decision-making at all levels within an organisation. To help achieve this, she exposes students to a wide range of readings, encompassing academic articles, business case studies, popular press articles, original text accounting standards, as well as other teaching aids and texts.