Anette Mikes

Associate Professor of Accounting

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Saïd Business School
University of Oxford
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Anette is an Associate Professor of Accounting at Oxford Saïd and a Fellow at Hertford College.

Anette was the 2017 laureate of the prestigious ACA Prize of the University of St-Gallen for her contributions to the field of risk management and financial governance.

Between 2014-2019, she was a professor at HEC Lausanne, teaching risk management, management control and accounting for sustainability.

Formerly at Harvard Business School, she launched (with professors Robert Kaplan and Dutch Leonard) the Harvard executive education program 'Risk Management for Corporate Leaders.'

Anette completed her PhD at the London School of Economics in 2005 and worked in the City of London in 2006-7, during the 'calm before the storm,' conducting a research project among the members of the British Bankers’ Association’s Risk Advisory Panel on the role of the Chief Risk Officer. Her work on the evolution, variation, consequences and contextual determinants of risk management has appeared in Management Accounting Research; Accounting, Organizations and Society; the Journal of Applied Corporate Finance and in the Harvard Business Review.

Her 2012 HBR article with Bob Kaplan (‘Managing Risks: A New Framework’) was republished both in HBR’s 10 Must Reads in Strategy and in HBR’s 10 Must Reads in Risk Management in 2020.

She won the David Solomons Award ('Best Paper in Management Accounting Research') twice: in 2010 (for her article 'Risk Management and Calculative Cultures') and in 2016 (for the article 'How Do Risk Managers Become Influential?', with co-authors Matt Hall and Yuval Millo).

Her research documentary on a man-made disaster ('The Kursk Submarine Rescue Mission') won the Most Outstanding Short Film Award at the Global Risk Forum in Davos in August 2014.

The latter project signifies her continuing interest in man-made disasters, and her current research project ('Values at Risk: Management Accounting in the Age of Corporate Purpose') focuses on the interface between risk management, business ethics and management control.


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